Mark Dice – Dems Claim the MAGA Hat is the New KKK Robe

16 Comments on Mark Dice – Dems Claim the MAGA Hat is the New KKK Robe

  1. I have a “Red Hat Enterprise Linux” hat from a trade show… I tried to wear it to go vote back in November, but my wife said she wouldn’t post bail.

  2. When they look in their grandfather’s chifferobe, I don’t believe a MAGA hat resembles what they find in there.

  3. 1984 is not a self-help book Progs.
    They have now fully implemented facecrimes as a national crime against the Prog party.
    A “smirk” from a 16 year old white boy is now a crime.
    It’s been a while since I read 1984, going to have to read it again so I can get ready for the next burst of crazy from our “betters”.
    They have absolutely no self-awareness or self-control, sad.

  4. The left is seizing control of the language, even its representative symbols and imagery.

    Control the language, control the conversation.

    Control the conversation, control public thinking.

    Control public thinking, control the people.

    This is calculated and deliberate.

    People like to call the left dumb, and maybe they are but their directing leaders aren’t.

  5. We need to have a “wear your MAGA hat” week where President Trump supporters would wear their red MAGA hats everywhere they go for a week. If the looney leftists can have their protests and demonstrations then Trump supporters can too. Lets see if the crybaby libs will try to attack a bunch of MAGA supporters. Fill the streets with MAGA hats. Spread the idea around.

  6. Amazing how brazenly the leftist lies are spread, but even more amazing how how public figures become so stupid and murderous over b.s.

    Where the hell is the GOP?? Hiding in their bunkers. Right, mcconnell?


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