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Mark Dice Has Breaking News 😂

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  1. Adam Shittft is going to face his own tribunal on his day of reckoning. I’d hate to see the charges that are going to get laid at his feet by God.

  2. If Stormy demanded to be paid to shut her up during the campaign, lest she reveal the one-night-stand, isn’t she guilty of blackmail?

  3. This is all about placing doubt in voters minds for 2020 and a lot of stupid people will fall for it. Hell the stupid media already has. Meanwhile the obama worship continues.

  4. I NEVER buy t-shirts with writing on them.
    Been to a LOT of concerts and have never bought a shirt.
    BUT – I bought a Trump Claus t-shirt off
    Gonna wear it to Christmas dinner.
    I love it.


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