Mark Dice – Is There No More Freedom of Religion in America?

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  1. There are noo freedom’s left in this country, there are only government granted restricted permissions.

    Basically, everything that is not directly permitted is not allowed unless the government chooses to ignore it for a time.

    Don’t believe it? Try naming a few.

    The more you try, or at least the more I try, the more I realize there is some law somewhere regulating, restricting, or otherwise affecting it if it came to the government’s attention and they wished to address it or whatever reason they choose.

  2. To be fair, if you saw that smouldering lady killer in the yellow shirt @3:30 in the video staring back at you every time you brushed your teeth, you’d probably want some payback on the big G-man in the sky too.

  3. What we tolerate, we get.

    The Demonrat Socialist Totalitarians have adopted the tactics of the “League of the Militant Atheists,” the “Society of the Godless,” and the “Union of the Godless” (not making this up).

    Their nihilism is on display. They cannot allow God to be the Supreme Ruler of Heaven and Earth when they demand absolute obedience to the State. They can allow no moral code but the code of coercion – of force – of expropriation – of oppression – and of terror.

    They don’t GAF about the perverts (and will deal with them later) because the perverts have their own perverted deity (unbridled lust) that they revere above the State – and the perverts’ inherent mental instability is always a danger.

    The attacks on religion are quite real … and vituperative … and expanding in scope. Of course it’s the simpering, soporific, somnambulant religiosos who encourage the attacks by their support of socialistic totalitarianisms such as Francis the Talking Ass, “liberation theology,” and the pervert-and-izlam-welcoming Protestant sects.

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. I notice Ellen Page isn’t saying anything about the anti-LGBTQ teachings of Islam, none of them do. But Islam advocates for death for gays, Christianity doesn’t.

  5. I would say we need to start a new Christian Crusade, but the word crusade has been deemed offensive and is no longer allowed.


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