Mark Dice- Media Lying About Trump’s Tax Codes

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  1. A growing portion of the masses are illiterate asses, waiting at their mailbox for their new EBT card, section 8 housing, free medical care and their earned income credit check for not having paid taxes (at the expense of all other working taxpayers).

  2. When Trump is debating Kamala 18 months from now this will be a great thing to bring up – to point out that the typical paycheck is much higher due to increased wages + decreased taxes, then to talk about the lie she perpetrates that the tax cut is hurting Americans.

  3. When I buy something at a store I pay with large bills so I can watch the store screw themselves when they give me my change. I pay with one piece of money but get back a lot of pieces of money.

  4. A guy on a related article on “The Hill” stated that his “check didn’t go up noticeably” and his HI premium went up $100/mo. He’s too stupid to realize that means that the tax cut meant an extra $100/mo in net pay that was being eaten up by the HI premium increase… Due in large part to the onerous ACA regulations. He should have been blaming Obama, not Trump.

  5. I have a small business and one employee. When I gave him his w2, I noticed he had paid in about $700 in federal taxes. Yesterday he said he was expecting his refund any day now. I asked how much he was getting back, and he said about $7000. Earned income tax credit, you see. He has 2 kids still at home and his wife doesn’t work.


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