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Mark Dice on Hillary’s Claim of the Epidemic of Fake News

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  1. The Left: bunch of desperate rats trying to claw their way out of the hole they dug themselves into by way of their own lies.

  2. I actually agree with her. The fake news of CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC and CBS had her convinced that the actual election was only a formality

  3. Still wearing purple, still blaming everyone and everything else for her loss, and still a liar. Her soft tone of telling everyone her voters are too stupid to be able to handle anything but the approved propaganda from their state run media news, comedians, game show hosts etc. For this to work they needed to start this before the last election started when everyone saw how biased the media is and lost all faith and respect for them.

  4. Socialists whining about “fake” news while the Lame Stream Media pushes socialist propaganda 24 hrs. a day.
    Hypocrisy or Irony?

    This is why the Soviet Union dissolved – people just quit believing the bullshit – even the assholes who manufactured the bullshit.

    Same reason izlam will fail – too much bullshit.

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. Another thing.

    She’s no longer Secretary of State, she’s no longer a senator, she’s no longer a first lady and she just lost her most recent election.

    So why in the fcuk is she speaking on Capitol Hill?

    She should be speaking from her private residence, not using government property to disperse her propaganda. For this alone, she should be jailed.

    What do think would happen if after just being laid off I just waltzed into my former employer’s building and started sending a fax?

  6. The inventors of ‘fake news’ are projecting their evil on everyone else.

    It is still fascinating to watch the catch phrase, or talking point, or term, of the week, as it is picked up by the brainless liberal puppets. The official liberal propaganda script moves faster than a brushfire through the entire left. AND, as the official script is used by closet liberal MSM (Kelly), they are exposed. Oh so fun. Almost more fun than to watch reactions to cabinet chooses.

  7. So the h is speaking out against fake news…….seems kinda funny. I mean I remember when when fake news was the go to for her and her puppet masters. Bengahzi was due to an internet video………..or at least that’s what we were told

  8. Assuming that Fake still means “false,” “fabricated,” “not real,” or “fictitious,” the DNC gave us a fake President 8 years ago with the aid of fake journalism and reporting from a media who never vetted him. Hillary becomes the nominee in 2016 after the DNC runs a fake primary which was rigged against her opponent. Fake was the convention where people were paid to fill seats. Fake were the polls which showed Hillary winning by a landslide. Fake were the women who they trotted out to accuse Trump in the final weeks of the campaign. Fake is that Hillary goes for a walk in the forest or is at the grocery store and runs in to random supporters who want a selfie with her. Fake is that Hillary and the Left care about women and children and are more tolerant and compassionate than others. Fake is that they believe in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

    Fake is the narrative that Team Hillary was brought down because of fake news.

  9. Way to go Team iOW. Knocked it outta the park. Bill and Hill both need to just drop dead. They have nothing to contribute. Disgraceful con artists. They probably believe their own lies.

  10. Hell has a mouth and it always needs a mouthpiece, looks like Hitlery is it till she is sent to prison. There she can take solace under Janet Reno’s picture with Big Alice, Huma, and Donna.

  11. Per the dems, “fake news” is the reason for Hitlery’s loss. Oh yeah, that and the Russians manipulating the election. Yeah, that’s the ticket!

  12. “Fake news” is just an attempt by the establishment media to reassert its control over what is allowed to be reported.
    Who decides what is fake news? The left?
    No thanks.

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