Mark Dice – “Our Democracy Ends in 1 1/2 Years Unless We…”

The world ends in 12 years unless we…

Our Democracy ends in 1 1/2 years unless we…

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  1. I used to like Jeff Daniels especially as Colonel Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain in Gettysburg. Now and for some time he’s been just been another leftist shithead, maybe he really is and along with Jim Carrey a couple of dumb and dumber pinheads.

  2. Thank you, Mark, for clearing up the stupid “democracy” crap the left has been spewing since FDR ‘declared’ us to be a democracy.

  3. When I first saw Dumb and Dumber I thought the two main characters were acting. My mistake.

  4. If Nancy Pelosi is persuaded to start impeachment proceedings of President Trump, his supporters, all of them, better march on W,DC to insure our constitutional republic endures her’s and their attack on our great nation.

  5. It’s entertaining… well actually incredibly frustrating that so many people just assume that Trump hate is normal and that any thoughtfulness is an aberration. Ugh.

  6. Jeff “I Play ‘Atticus Finch’ On Broadway Now So Listen To How Important And Wise I Try To Sound Even Though I’m Really Dumber” Daniels.

  7. Jeffie is on the cover of Sunday’s “Parade magazine” and is apparently starring on Broadway as Aticus in To Kill a Mockingbird. Also nominated for a Tony this year. So he’s extra full of himself night now and no doubt hoping his liberal spew will help him get the Tony.

  8. One of My favorite Books…I’ve read it at least 5 times….It’s

    about Racial healing….Of course the dnc can’t handle Racial

    Harmony.. There’s no Money in it. Maybe the rabid Dog will avoid

    the gunfire and maim the shit out of “Ratticus Bitch”

  9. So Farcebookput Candice Owens on a hate list. Is that a list of all the people that farcebook hates?


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