Mark Dice- Saving the Planet With Meatless Mondays

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  1. The sad part is that there are enough mal-educated ignoramuses (millions upon millions) to embrace these levels of abject absurdity and translate them into policy.

    120 years of educational abuse, dominated by nihilistic, socialistic, goose-stepping automatons, has certainly provided this result.

    Some may have been aware of our peril at its genesis, but, I fear, too few of us are aware at its culmination.

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. On I-90 coming into Spokane there is a reader board with funny sayings, yesterday it read, “After I became a vegan I found out it was a big missed steak.” There’s always some clever, witty saying up there as I drive by it.

  3. As I wrote in an earlier thread, I believe the introduction of ‘meatless Mondays’ has the potential to extend a possible period of weekend poor nutrition for the school kids to 3 days. In the light of trying to find something positive in such situations, I suggest that there is now the potential for a meaningful study.
    Given the extensive use of anti-depressants and anxiety medications among school age children, there should be a study performed to determine how the new dietary rules might effect protein transport of such medications, and the influence upon their effectiveness. I contend that there is the potential for a marked influence, and also potential resultant consequences.

  4. I cheated once and had a Hebrew National beef frank on a Friday during Lent.,,,
    Just bought a 8 pack to serve up for Monday.
    Hell here I come!

  5. It’ll never work. Look at the Catholics. We had meatless Friday for centuries. All it did was result in a papist population explosion.


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