Mark Dice- The Left’s Game Plan is To Buy Votes On a Massive Scale

8 Comments on Mark Dice- The Left’s Game Plan is To Buy Votes On a Massive Scale

  1. Every one of them is afraid to call BS on this malarkey for fear of being labeled a racist.

    Cowards, all.

  2. This was new when it started…back when Trump spanked Hillary in ’16…when the Left formulated this plan. Today it seems like something we should already be on top of–NOT something we need to be sharing like it’s a recent discovery!

    No borders, no voter IDs (AND the overt attempt to legalize illegal voting), Welfare/”benefits” bribes for non-citizens…their plan is NAKED and BLATANT!

    This is why the Dems so easily dupe us over and over again. They’re in back in their corner spitting out the blood from Round One and we’re still lacing up our gloves…

  3. I support reparations for slavery.

    Anyone who can prove he was a slave is entitled to reparations from the guy who enslaved him.

    Thus: the American negroes are entitled to reparations from their African brothers whose ancestors sold their ancestors into slavery.
    Got no problem with that.
    Just as all of Scots descent are entitled to reparations from those of English descent – and those descended from the Irish, and those wogs descended from the Indian wogs, and blah, blah, blah on down the line.

    Let me see the math – exactly who is going to pay what to whom – and then deduct the $4 Trillion (or so) paid into welfare? I’m guessing that if the American negroes had any inkling of how badly the Demonrats have been ripping them off for the past 50 years they’d … uhh … no … prolly not …

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. This is where D’s do particularly well with illegals. Those same “migrants” already know this pay to vote business. It’s the gold standard in sh*thole countries.

  5. The worst thing that could happen for Dems would be losing the black vote, so every time elections roll around, they whip out this whole “reparations” nonsense again.

    Side note – Gillibrand had to check her notes every third word….poor thing.

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