Mark Dice: Virtue Signaling and “Pronouns Day”

15 Comments on Mark Dice: Virtue Signaling and “Pronouns Day”

  1. 16,925 mornings I’ve rolled over and never left a bloodstain from my ass on the sheets. If it did happen I believe it would be appropriate to visit a doctor, not ask my wife for a tampon. The PC movement is abusing people from seeking proper medical attention.

  2. I had no idea there was such a stigma surrounding menstruation. What, as a male, am I supposed to do about it? Not avoid her for a few days? Maybe I shouldn’t walk in the bathroom and say, why’s it smell like a cab driver in here?

  3. The proper pronouns for the person at around 0:33 of that video should be: it, WTF, freak, and mental patient.


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