Mark Kirk’s Full Un-Endorsement of Trump (with a little embellishment by bfh)


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  1. An American born judge of Mexican decent ‘who favors Hispanics’! There fixed it for you, Kirk you Jerk

  2. Kirk doesn’t build bridges, he burns them. Kirk has always been a progressive democrat under the label of a Republican. He is further left than the ideological traitors we call RINOs.
    He is arlen spector without any measure of loyalty, integrity, intelligence or standing with the desires and wishes of his constituents.

    Yes, a moronic, back stabbing, worthless, shitweasel is most appropriate.

  3. “…including, but not limited to…”
    NOW, yer talkin’ MY language!!!

    Thankfully, this stuff
    (both his comment about the LaRaza Judge
    and Kirk’s “me too!” wanking)

    will STILL bolster Trump’s base.

    America has Had. F’king. Enough.
    It OUR TURN to “stir the pot.”

    At this juncture, I’m tempted to add:
    “unintended consequences be damned”,
    but even *I* have my limits (HA!).

  4. Why is Trump going off message like this?
    All he is accomplishing is setting up an excuse for when he loses the lawsuit. The judge won’t recuse himself after all this, it would destroy his career if he were to say he took a case intending to advance a personal bias.
    The case will proceed, and Trump will appeal.
    That is how the process works.
    This character assassination serves no discernable purpose unless he is searching for more pockets of voters to alienate.

  5. Kirk is tying to score points as he fights for his political life. He didn’t help himself when he said “people drive faster through black neighborhoods”

    You are clueless.
    Wait until the next riots by the Mexicans.
    That’s when Trump will drop the info he has on Curiel, that he’s affiliated with the HNBA which called for a boycott of all Trump products.
    He will start using the name La Raza at THAT point, and with the optics of Mexicans rioting, giving the finger, flaunting their illegal status, Trump will be gaining 6 points.

    Trump’s not an idiot.

  7. TCT –

    The attorney group leading the lawsuit against Trump are heavily involved in Democrat politics and have paid Bill and Hillary Clinton $675,000 for “speeches”. (link)
    The Judge in the lawsuit is an open borders immigration activist with direct ties to San Diego La Raza, and has openly engaged with them on their political endeavors. (link) and (link) including scholarships for illegal aliens.
    The Trump lawsuit relies (in part) on testimony from a former disgruntled employee of the Trump Organization who went to work for notorious #NeverTrump activist Glenn Beck. (link)
    The Judge then “accidentally” releases court records which provides the media with the names, locations, and contact information of the plaintiffs and witnesses in the case, which fuels the media narrative. (link)
    After the “mistaken” release, Judge Curiel reseals the court records. (link)
    The Judge is a member of an ethnic legal group, HNBA, whose specific and publicly expressed intentions are to target Donald Trump’s business interests (link)

    This is such sweet music to play on top of Mexican rioters.
    Trump in a landslide.

  8. Mark Kirk’s “un-endorsement” sorta looks like all the RINOs who said they wouldn’t consider the Veep slot if it were offered. LOL

    Has Paul Ryan changed his voter registration status yet?

  9. I have said from the beginning that the entire Trump U lawsuit is a politically motivated issue staged by the left, but I am curious as to how Trump’s recent statements are calculated to help him win the general. Maybe he is that much smarter than me and the average voter and we can’t understand his masterful plan? I just don’t see this as a positive for him. Can somebody please explain it to me?

  10. Menderman, BFH answered that when I asked the same question, albeit in a different manner.
    As Fur said, this kind of thing draws people to Trump, or at least cause poll numbers to move.
    On top of that, sales of orange spray on tan are up.
    I have to tell you, I never thought I would see the day when people on the right sided with the left in thinking riots and people getting attacked and property vandalized was a good thing.
    When it comes to helping Trump, there are no standards.

  11. “I have to tell you, I never thought I would see the day when people on the right sided with the left in thinking riots and people getting attacked and property vandalized was a good thing.”

    By people on the right I assume you mean Trump supporters. Which would be the same people that are being attacked and having their property destroyed. Is that what you just said?

  12. @JohnS – just so you know – I reflexively vote down everything you post without reading.

    Now that I’m in my senior years, time is precious. I’d hate for my last thought to be – “I could have read BFH’s comment if I hadn’t stopped to read JohnS’ drivel.”

  13. @menderman, you wrote: “…I am curious as to how Trump’s recent statements are calculated to help him win the general.”

    They aren’t. Very little that Trump does from one day to the next is calculated or “calculated” in the way in which you probably mean. That is the incredibly strong appeal about him that pundits and prophets find impossible to understand. The truth is something so revolutionary, so unfathomable as to be a substance from a distant galaxy that only exists in mathematical equations and the minds of star gazers.

    Cynics are too distrustful of someone who tells the truth. They look past him, trying to find the hook, the catch, the play. The Left hates the truth because it changes things.

    Trump tells the awful truth. The people respond. He wins the election.

    400 words or less. No links.

  14. There is serious question as to whether Curiel’s parents ever became citizens of the US. Neither one had a Social Security number listed on their death certificates.

    Mull that one over.

  15. “I have to tell you, I never thought I would see the day when people on the right sided with the left in thinking riots and people getting attacked and property vandalized was a good thing.”>>>

    Your obvious concern trolling is obvious.

    It’s a wonderful thing, these riots.
    Why would I want the true feelings of hordes of illegals in this country to be suppressed, when they can let it out now for all to see and help Trump?
    Why root for opaqueness and help Hillary?

    Illegals will be playing the knockout game if Hillary wins.

    These patriots are showing up at the anti-Trump rallies and sacrificing their noggins in order to show America what kind of a shitstains we are dealing with.

    You ‘re only concern with these riots is that they might help Trump’s message.

    So sorry, troll.

  16. @menderman, you wrote: “…I am curious as to how Trump’s recent statements are calculated to help him win the general.”

    I remember June 16, 2015 when Trump said Mexico isn’t sending us their best and we must build a wall. All the same voices pounced on him calling him a bigot and a racist – just like today. Two weeks later all 16 competitors were making noises about controlling illegal aliens crossing the border.

    Trump speaks the way normal, honest, hard working Americans speak in their living rooms. His comments about a judge who belongs to a group called “The Race” and selects illegals for scholarships when his job calls for him to uphold the laws and report illegals has you and everyone else talking.

    That’s what Trump does best – rips the cover off the fraud and corruption using exactly the same tactics as the left. That’s why they hate him.

    Really, a guy who belongs to a group called “The Race” is above being questioned about his allegiance but the one who says justice should be blind and that he’ll enforce the laws is a racist?

  17. Menderman calls what you say is a positive a YUGE negative.
    He called Trump an idiot who made the other embarrassing idiot, Sarah Palin, look like a Mensa scholar.

    I’m not sure Menderman is here tonight. He might be at a circle jerk with Bill Kristol and David Frum.

  18. Menderman, Ease up. I read it as a joke. The guy defends you a lot. I think your reading this the wrong way. Unless of course you have a dick in your right hand.

  19. It’s easily explainable.
    Kristol and Frum are a couple of dudes who thinks conservatism is for a certain subset of citizen that won’t embarrass them by not speaking like William F. Buckley.

    Your remark about Trump and Palin being idiots is elitist horseshit.
    Palin’s message is plainly conservative, yet you called her an idiot.

    I reject that sort of thinking.

    You must admire Kristol and Frum’s ability to charm at a cocktail party as they throw the country away with neoconservatism.

  20. Palin’s an idiot?
    So all that stuff that was said about Palin doing a fine job as a mayor and a governor was just bullshit designed to fool the left?
    I never got the memo that she was a friggin’ idiot.

    Trump too?
    He’s a friggin’ idiot?

    Maybe you’re responding to the Yankee accent?
    I dunno, I’m guessing.

  21. I think you jack your own dick at a circle jerk. I don’t think there’s cross-dick contact.
    Well, I didn’t think there was. I don’t know for sure.

  22. My point is that David Frum and Bill Kristol are also embarrassed by Sarah Palin, a bona fide conservative that doesn’t articulate the message to their liking.

    I thought maybe you’d want to hang out with people who share your beliefs.

    (You do know that the expression “circle jerk” is not exclusively a sexual term, it means to sit around and discuss and admire like-minded ideas. But as long as you chose to take it the sexual way I figured I’d play along.)

  23. Just me being an asshole, BFH, if you want to focus your anger focus it on asshole trolls like JohnS. There’s a big difference between Menderman and a troll like JohnS. I don’t agree with a single damn thing Menderman has ever said. But I do think he’s honest in his opinion. (As bad as it is)

  24. Holy Cats – did a twister land on someones sister around here? I have been away a bit – but WOW.

    Anyway. I believe that Mr. Trump took a calculated risk in rampaging against that LaRaza lovin’ judge of the obama appointee persuasion. Calculated risk. It is it’s own thing – and a very unique intuition.

  25. if trump does half of what he says he will do he should become a Saint.

    The fallout from his policies and the exposure of the corrupt system will be as big a boost to the populace as a massive tax decrease would be. I am quite optimistic for our country if Trump wins. We have no choice, really.

  26. Sarah Palin was taken down and ridiculed by the same group that is repeatedly attacking Trump and for the same reasons. Palin took on the corruption between the oil elite and GOP in Alaska. Elites don’t want their place at the taxpayer’s trough jeopardized. A dem won’t threaten it. A republican won’t threaten it. Only an outsider with principles can threaten it.

    Palin didn’t have Trump’s money or New York street brawler skills to effectively hit back twice as hard.

    Trump became successful in one of the toughest businesses in one of the toughest cities at a time when all building was controlled by the mafia (I think The Race is today’s mafia). He learned when to deal and when to fight.

    I hope Sarah Palin has a prominent place in Trump’s cabinet. She’s smarter than Ryan, McConnell and certainly smarter than Hillary, Pelosi or Reid. She deserves to be in a position where she can have the place in history she deserves – as a smart, up by her own bootstraps, patriotic American.

  27. Fur, you have asked me to not come to Trump threads and bash Trump. I came to this thread and never bashed Trump and simply asked a question based on one of your above comments. Your response? Bash Menderman with lies, out of context snippets from other threads and toss in childish insults. Does getting all those thumbs up for doing so send a thrill up your leg or something?

  28. I never asked you to not bash Trump. You can bash him, and I’m going to keep rebutting. That’s the way it works.

    Also, I merely observed that you show up at all the Trump posts and you never show up at anti-Hillary posts.
    You said you weren’t going to actively work against Trump, you were just going to “sit it out.”
    I don’t think that’s what you’re doing.

    I think by showing up exclusively at Trump posts, when you don’t support the guy, and then never showing up at anti-Hillary posts, is very telling.

    It’s almost like supporting Hillary.
    Well, not almost, it is supporting Hillary.
    Do the math.

    I think you’d rather Hillary be in the white house.
    In fact, I KNOW you’d rather have Hillary in the white house because you’re not going to vote for Trump.

    It’s going to be either Trump or Hillary.
    It’s not going to be neither.

    So, either you’re voting or you’re not voting.
    If you’re voting, who are you voting for? Hillary?

    If you’re not voting, why show up at Trump posts?

    All I ask is you not bullshit everyone.
    Just come out as an avowed Trump hater who is going to do everything he can to allow Hillary into the white house.

  29. Breitbart’s UNITY SPEECH transcends his “not liking Trump.”
    I am so sick of morons who can’t follow along and figure out
    what trumps what.

    Breitbart made this speech as a guy who didn’t support or like Romney,
    but he said-

    “anyone that is willing to stand next to me and fight the progressive left, I will be in that bunker. And if you’re not in that bunker because you’re not satisfied with this candidate, more than shame on you, you’re on the other side.”

    I agree with this statement 100%.

    Shitheads will try and justify their treason by saying Trump is a progressive.
    Sure he is, morons.
    He’s so progressive the left loathes him. They just can’t see what you see, all the lefty stuff like supporting 2A, supporting deportation, not supporting amnesty, halting Muslim refugees, securing the border, strengthening the military, supporting veterans, repealing Obamacare, etc etc etc.

    No dummies. When you’re not in the bunker, helping defeat the bonafide progressive – one of the worst cretins ever to be in politics, with corruption, deceit and actions that have destroyed lives a mile long – you’re on the other side.

    My blog. My belief. And I’m not going to give a free pass for people, as much as I like them, when I think they are woefully lost in their thinking.

  30. but, didn’t think the sarcasm was all that hard to get to.

    musta been a midwestern flyover thing

    heh, kirkservative ?

  31. Well, at best some of the readers can be pissed at me because I’m blocking Hillary from the white house.
    I’m a scumbag, I tell ya, the worst of the worst.

    If they are perplexed because I am pissed that the right isn’t doing all they can to keep Hillary out of the white house, well, I don’t know what to tell them.
    What has this blog been for going on 8 years but a blog devoted to destroying the left?

    I don’t want to hear the idiocy that Trump is a progressive.
    At best you can make the case that he’s a mixed bag. How is a mixed bag worse than Hillary Rotten Clinton?
    This blog wasn’t started to defeat a mixed bag.
    Yes, we’re also devoted to promoting conservative principles.

    The “ONE TRUE CONSERVATIVE!!!” Ted cruz is not in the race.
    So what’s a guy like me to do? Lay down in the fetal position and take it in the ass by the Clintons?

    Not gonna happen.

  32. All I ask is for you to to do is stop making stuff up about me. I don’t care if you want to challenge anything I actually say or said, just stop coming up with things I never said.

  33. Have you been only showing up on Trump threads and ignoring anti-Hillary threads, or did I make that up?

    Do you know what those optics say to me? It says you’re campaigning against Trump and you’re not at all interested in joining your fellow readers in their hatred for Hillary.
    You don’t join in because you won’t contribute to the ether the bashing of Hillary because it helps Trump.
    So, ipso facto, you’re helping Hillary, not just “sitting it out” as you’ve said over and over again.

    Question: Do you want Hillary to win?

  34. No. I do not want Hiliary to win. I want her in jail.

    BTW, I don’t comment an about 90% of the threads posted here. I don’t even comment on most of the Trump threads, even when other people make comments about me on them. You make sound like I bash Trump on every Trump post, which is far from the truth. It’s a sad time when I post something like “Yeah, I agree with Trump, I just wish he said it better”, and then a dozen or people attack me for being a Trump basher. People are going crazy.

  35. Speaking of RATFUCKING–

    Why do you go on Facebook and call readers here “sycophants” and then idiotically say that we said that Trump is the “new Reagan”? Nobody called him the new Reagan. This story was about him being called stupid and a racist, just like Reagan was.
    As I said at the time, if Larry Doby, the second black man in baseball, was called coon and nigger and was thrown at, if I wrote a column that said, “The torch of Jackie Robinson’s torment is passed to Larry Doby” did I just compare Larry Doby to Jackie Robinson’s skill as a baseball player, as you implied we were doing between Trump and Reagan?

    And you have the nerve to call us stupid??
    Maybe you should have a little more brain power before you get the balls to go on Facebook and disparage this site. Okay, FRIEND??

  36. If the GOP ratf@cks Trump at the convention and nominates Romney, do you become a Romney guy?>>

    Was the ratfucking legal?

    Was it illegal?

  37. Gee, thanks for outing my FB page!

    BTW, no need to get you panties in a twist over the word “sycophant”. I labeled myself a Cruz sycophant last year.

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