Mark Levin on Hannity: Anchor Babies Are Not U.S. Citizens

Constitutional scholar Mark Levin disabuses the common notion that children of illegal immigrants are conferred U.S. citizenship by the 14th Amendment of the U.S. constitution. Levin meticulously reviews the history and language of the amendment to demonstrate that only an Act of Congress can grant citizenship to “anchor babies”.

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  1. And the usual suspects on “our” side are disagreeing and some are even running Levin down on Twitter. Some are lawyers, but none are constitutional lawyers. I’m so sick of conservatives caving to the Left’s narratives on everything.

  2. “… only an Act of Congress can …”

    Good luck with that!

    A collection of ball-less sycophancy, socialism, and cowardice.

  3. The original intent of the 14th amendment was to keep the democrat party from denying former slaves the right to vote. The democrats claimed they weren’t citizens so therefore, could not vote.

    When the 14th amendment was being discussed in congress, the authors had to answer questions as to just what they meant. Many were concerned that while protecting the former slaves, it would grant U.S. citizenship to anyone born here. The questions were obvious: what about the Indians and their children born here, what about ambassadors and their children born here, and what about illegal aliens and their children born here?

    The authors of the amendment used pretty much the same argument for each. In all three cases, the parents in question are not citizens of the United States and owe allegiance to a foreign country. The Indians had their tribes, the ambassadors had the country they represented, and the illegal aliens had broken the law and were not subject to the jurisdiction of our laws but to the laws of their own country. Which was not the case with the former slaves who had always been subject to the jurisdiction of this country’s laws. All of which made any child born of illegal aliens a citizen of the country the parents left, not of the United States. Satisfied that the INTENTION and the language of the amendment did not grant citizenship to those in question, congress passed the amendment.

    The intention of the law-maker constitutes the law.

    Stewart vs Kahn, 78 US 493

  4. The 14th was illegally ratified. It was forced on the country by the Reconstruction Acts which supplanted civil government with military dictatorship throughout the South.

    Just about everything the FedGov does is illegal.

    We need to take our country back.

  5. Very compelling. I really think some of the people talking in favor of this may be in danger of being killed.

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