Mark Levin on Nancy Pelosi’s ‘Shady Stock Deals’

h/t Lifezette

“The House gone rogue! I want to remind you a little bit about the ring leader in this whole rogue operation against the President of the United States…”

14 Comments on Mark Levin on Nancy Pelosi’s ‘Shady Stock Deals’

  1. Voters are crazy if they think Washington is squeeky clean or have any actual over site in what they are doing. The Democrats are upset that Trump might actually investigate their back room deals. They have to remove him before it hits the fan.

  2. This is what is called FREE advice.

    Levin is tremendous, he uses THEIR own actions with primary sources and media AGAINST them to make his argument.

    It’s brilliant and a pleasure to watch a political dissection.

  3. I desperately want Trump to post something on Twatter along these lines.

    “Patriots, Supporters, Conservatives, the time has come, Lock and Load and head for D.C.”

    What do you think the reaction would be?

  4. Better yet, publish an enemies list of the Constitution. Mitt Romney’s name should be first. These people would shit Twinkies.

  5. An enemy’s list would be useful. It would be many pages, but they need to be put on notice. My US Representative doesnt make much noise but he damn sure is a useful idiot of the libs. His profile needs to be raised a little.

  6. @ Lunatic –

    The new slogan chiseled on our ship will be, “We are with the Keks’ family”.

    I check out WRS regularly, and everyone here should give it a try.

    Do what you can, with what is within your means.


  7. ghost of brig gen j glover

    I don’t see it any other way. If we are going to save the Republic, we are going to get bloody. My God Damn Passive conservative neighbors are now convinced. The toughest part of the battle is the wait. This is totally comedy, don’t Red Fagg me Bro.

  8. The wait is difficult. Too soon and we are easily dispatched. Too late and, I guess we are too late. This is going to be difficult.

  9. joe6pak

    The erosion of our God given freedoms are way ahead of what we perceive. When the authorities show up nest week to confiscate your guns, you and your neighbors should have a plan. Seems to me they are extremely vulnerable to a cross fire or a flanking. But hey. what do I know? I’m a comedian.


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