Mark Levin on The Liberal Media and their “Republican” Enablers

Mark Levin

Let this be a warning to them, and let we the people remember: This process is our process it doesn’t belong to any candidate, Republican or Democrat.  This process is our process. It doesn’t belong to any little hit squad, some phony nobody on a political left-wing website dressed up as a news outlet.

And CNN, there would be no CNN if there weren’t any airports. There would be no CNN if there weren’t any bars in airports. Because that’s where they get most of their ratings.

And MSNBC a pathetic little joke, a pathetic little joke wasting a carbon footprint. IF there were negative ratings, they would have them.

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  1. Mark Levin talks a good game, but when it comes to the practical realities of reclaiming liberalistm, the man is a true-blue lawyer through and through. I find him lacking somewhat as a patriot.

  2. You’re joking, right? Excuse me but, here’s your sign.

    I agree with Levin that these debates are a total sham. Let them hammer it out with merely a moderator such as in the Lincoln/Douglas debates. Any media interaction subterfuges the process for their agenda.

    Go back to HuffPo.

  3. It’s not Levin’s take on the debates that I disagree with. It’s his take on nullification, the role of an Article V convention in securing liberty, and the way he constantly hammers on the importance of voting for the next crop of politicians to screw us over. I’m sure his heart’s in the right place, but he’s done very little in the scheme of things to really advance the cause of liberty.

  4. “reclaiming liberalistm”
    WTF is that???

    “lacking somewhat as a patriot”?

    Mark Levin could run rings around everyone in the debate tonight, except for perhaps, Cruz.

    Go to bed Ryan, you are drunk.

  5. So then, who would you elect? What an ignorant statement.

    Then you don’t know either what he is saying, what you think you know, nor the Constitution. SO, what is your point on the Article V? Do you not understand the Constitutional parameters? Apparently not.

    And, “voting for the next crop…”

    Go away. You obviously don’t know anything about the constitution, Article V, or that of maintaining an oath. We elect those who will (or ‘should’) defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic… and that they take an oath to.

    You are a waste of time. Good day.

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