Mark Levin – The GOP is Ganging Up on Trump, and He’s Seen This Before

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Mark Levin said he doesn’t want to do this. He knows that some people are going to accuse him of being in the tank for Trump when in reality, as he points out, he’s not endorsed anyone nor is he a special pleader for anyone.

But he doesn’t like the gang effort he’s seeing to tear down Trump and push him out. He says it’s like 12 against 1, and there’s no question in his mind that this is happening because he’s seen this kind of gang attack before.

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5 Comments on Mark Levin – The GOP is Ganging Up on Trump, and He’s Seen This Before

  1. Why is it so hard for the Republican want-to-bes to gang up on the despicable Shillary Clinton rather than each other? Do they want to save our country or see it destroyed by another democrap in office? Build each other up, not tear each other down!!!

    Cruz-Trump! or Trump-Cruz!

    As far as I know, Ted Cruz sticks to the issues and is strong for America. And Trump only defends himself when attacked! Right now, both of these men would get my vote!

  2. Very true… They want the two tier system, them (a few tens of thousands) and the 350 million or so of the rest of us. They rule and we drool. Demons and repubics all one in the same, less a few varying degrees.

    Fuck them. I hope I’m still young enough to be one of those standing under the lamp posts looking up at the traitors swinging from a rope. Treacherous times are ahead of us…

  3. I’m for Trump just because. Ted Cruz is friggin awesome but next to Trump he still comes across as a Washington insider. I want someone Outside Washington to fucking put them some goddam fucking knowledge and results. That’s the way I roll. And I’m all in for a Trump/Cruz ticket.

  4. If I were Donald Trump I would play Ride of the Valkaries when I walked onto the stage to debate the eRepublicans and then as I picked them off, one by one, and they drop out, I would replicate Robert Duvall scene in Apocalypse Now wherein he throws a playing card down on their corpse.

    I have had a belly full of their shit from these dirty motherfuckers, this is war. That is why I am supporting Donald Trump. I have had a belly full of being dry-shaved by the bastards. I don’t just want them beat up a bit, I want them beat into submission.

    I am not as slow to anger as most, my blood has been boiling since the days of Arlon Sphincter and I have been at a full rolling boil for a while now.

    Take a look at this YouTube and notice how it morphs into today’s fight.

    The ignorant bastards who get their marching orders from the evening news just don’t get it. Donald Trump is not listening to the media to find out what America thinks. He is listening to Americans and that is why he is picking up steam like a juggernaut.

    I am fed the hell up and am not going to take it anymore and this man is listening and responding to my concerns and what is more, he bites in the clinches.

    I want progressivism utterly and completely destroyed and that starts by destroying the progressive brand. This gut takes no prisoners and his agenda impresses me as responding to the American people.

    I think that personally his motive, to make America Great again, is sincere. I also think that he would like to be the most powerful man in the world. I also think that if he succeeds in being elected he is going to continue to monitor the pulse of the American people and respond to there wishes and by doing so become an American icon.

    This man HAS to know which side his bread is being buttered on. He has stood fast and faced down those who want to tell him that what he is campaigning on is not representative of the mood of the country.

    Now here is where you have to take a leap of faith and, believe me, faith in politicians is not my strong suit. Some of what he is promising does not jive with what he has said his position was in the past. Now, follow me on this, I don’t believe that what he is promising on supporting, on many fronts, is consistent with his personal OPINION ON THE SUBJECT. But, and this is where the leap of faith comes in, the man has made promises regarding what he will do if elected, I consider myself to be the Mayor of skeptic City when it comes to politicians, and my inclination is seldom wrong in assessing a four-flusher. I believe that his constitution will not allow him to dry-shave the people he has made promises to.

    There is nothing in the public record to suggest that he welches on a deal once it has been inked. Oh, you can say that he has gone through the bankruptcy court once a deal he inked went south, but what the hell is he supposed to do? The law is put in place in order to provide a measure of fairness when a business proposition does not play out as projections suggested. He played by the rules, did he not? The bankruptcy laws are ostensively there to “protect the public” and ensure fairness. Maybe they do, maybe they don’t, but as an American citizen he has a right to them. Now get this through your head, those rules are known to ALL PLAYERS going in, and if you want to be a player it is assumed that you were cognizant of what you were signing up for. There isn’t a single solitary “victim” of a Donald Trump bankruptcy who did not seek the same protections as Donald Trump did to protect, and try to save their enterprise, IF a Donald Trump enterprise failure caused their company distress from their creditors. Not one, and I di not have to learn about this on the internet, it is common sense.

    OK now here is something else you have to get through your head: Donald Trump did not say it is fair game to seek condemnation of a property in order to turn that property into a parking lot. Your elected officials told him that it is not only legal, it is expected. Expected, you bet, why would they enact a law that they did not expect would “be beneficial to the public at large that elected them?”

    To condemn Donald Trump for following the law is to say that Donald Trump is not entitled to the same benefit any other American is entitled to when it comes to exercising his right as an American to run a business any way he pleases so long as he adheres to the law.

    If you disagree with that, where does it end? Well, I’ll tell you where it ends, the founder of Chic-fil-A doesn’t open his business on Sunday because HE determined that HE is obligated to observe a higher law. And that is as it should be.

    Donald Trump looked at the condemnation law and made the determination that the elected leaders, who ostensibly represent the public, have determined that in some cases IT IS IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST for some to condemn private property in order that a business can prosper AND THAT IS IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST.

    Perhaps my business venture qualifies under that provision as better serving the public’s interest. Hey, let us let the court decide if my proposed condemnation qualifies?

    Of course he has to consider what his own conscience will allow before proceeding, but hey, that majority of the voting public put officials in place who agree that my proceeding with condemnation serves the public interest. Did they not?

    So, the majority of the voting public, in that jurisdiction, elected people who said: this is in the public interest. Donald Trump is not in any way “victimizing” the public, unless you also agree that the majority voted to put people in place who enact laws that victimize individuals who make up that public.

    It really is as simple as that, by seeking condemnation, Donald had the public that got off their ass and voted behind his request that his case be considered.

    Of course he argued that his case qualified. WTF, the voting public said that certain business ventures have a RIGHT to SEEK condemnation in these cases. My business model is dependent on serving the public’s wants and desires. Of course, this law was enacted in order for business owners like me to allow me the OPORTUNITY to make my case in court.

    Maybe he had other considerations that would weigh against him pursue that avenue. Maybe he did not. BUT, ya’ know something what he did was legal and the people who the voting public elected said, this is EXPECTED of people who are in the business that Donald Trump is in, namely developing properties for commercial purposes.

    Got it? I hope so. You can like it, or you can not like it, but that is exactly what went down in this case.

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