MARK LEVIN: You Really Have To Be Stupid To Think Trump’s LaVar Ball Tweet Was Race-Baiting



10 Comments on MARK LEVIN: You Really Have To Be Stupid To Think Trump’s LaVar Ball Tweet Was Race-Baiting

  1. “Lavar Bell is a punk”…..LOLOLOLBWABWAAAA….”And he has no class”…..c’mon back at the LaVar…..LOLOLOL….

  2. The Father is out of his mind, I’m not sure if the Doctor dropped him on his head or what.

    Mr LaVar should run for President of Idiocracy !!!

  3. Has LarVa Ball’s fool son even been disciplined by the school? Or is the school afraid to trigger nutjob pop? What an ass.

  4. I am embarrassed BAB {beyond all belief}
    to be an American because of these mullato
    mutts and their shoplifting.When you go overseas
    you are literally an Ambassador of this great country.
    You are the only thing many of these people have ever seen of an American citizen.These scum bucket negroes and their ghetto,rap,hip-hop,demonic culture have shit all over every American and then their surly snotty
    father has the nerve to bad mouth our president for taking DIRECT ACTION DIRECTLY TO THE Chi-com Prez for
    their immediate release.Maybe this turd La-Var needs a vist from the Wampler family.Their son was left to be
    tortured by obungo…

  5. @ThirdTwin, I saw a chyron scroll that the 3 shoplifters were “suspended” by UCLA.
    Not clear whether from just the ball team or from the university itself.

    They should be permanently expelled for disgracing the school, damaging the brand, and costing the school a fortune.

  6. What Dad doesn’t understand is JR would have been Finished on the Courts
    if Trump didn’t help out, and Dad’s Vicarious Attachment to the Big Time would have ended.
    I think he deserves a Media Name how’s ” Ego Dad ” !!!

  7. Dad is a master at arguing nonsense. Diarrhea of the mouth being his biggest weapon.

    Reminds me of trying to get a drunk to listen. Not worth the effort.

    I think ego Dad is good nick for him.


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