Mark McCloskey Sets the Record Straight!

The media says he’s a Democrat and a BLM supporter.
He said those are lies. Get his side of the story.

10 Comments on Mark McCloskey Sets the Record Straight!

  1. It is sickening that leftist government officials don’t want you to be able to protect yourself but won’t protect you either.

    Telling people they should just abandon their home and let the mob burn it down? That is disgusting.

  2. I fell for the Media BS…Even laughed at His plight….And I know better to

    believe these Jackals….Rock on McCloskeys..I owe You a Beer.

  3. Sounds like his “security team” has things well in hand now.

    If his house has a basement, he could install a firing range in it and teach his wife how to hold and shoot. Her presence in the video made me (and probably many) very nervous.

    On second thought, maybe that was the plan. 🙂

    “That woman be crazy! Back off, Chaz!”

  4. Justice delayed is Justice denied.

    Say what you will. Democrats can engineer a subversive international conspiracy to entrap a half dozen members of the incoming administration across multiple government agencies.

    Republicans can’t protect the innocent with both houses of Congress, the Presidency and their handpicked heads of those agencies.

  5. MO’s an “open carry” state.
    He has the “right” to carry his weapon wherever he pleases (at the discretion of business owners, of course) but certainly on his own property. And the “Castle Doctrine” is in effect. He could have waited indoors and killed every one of those maggots with impunity (outside of endless lawsuits, &c.).

    He is suffering for trying to spare the lives of the worthless maggots who invaded his community. It’s a shame that the entire community didn’t stand up to the worthless maggots and forbid them from crossing the frontier.

    Sad fact: sooner or later you’ve got to kill them.

    “Experience is a hard school; but a fool will learn in no other.”

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. My Pappy from upstate PA used to say, “If you kill ’em outside, drag ’em inside the house.”


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