Mark Steyn On The Clinton Foundation

Few have the real measure of the Clintons like Mark Steyn, and with the recent revelations that there is an FBI informant who’s been gaged by the Justice Department, Mr. Steyn goes into detail about the true nature of the Foundation.






8 Comments on Mark Steyn On The Clinton Foundation

  1. That was quite a read. Mark Steyn is brilliant and hillarious to boot. Now if we had anyone in government with half his brains maybe we could see the Clintons actually charged for these treasonous acts. Not holding my breath.

  2. It is now in your face.No hiding
    just in your face.You ain’t gona do
    Jack Crap until they come to put you
    in the FEMA camp and take your firearms…

  3. Score another one for the Lawyers. All those government parasites, biirds of a feather, deep down they must admire her.

  4. I’m sure now Jeff Sessions, DOJ and the FBI will get right on this revelation of several years ago.

    Sessions will neither confirm or deny his understanding of the law.

  5. How about someone just go over to Russia sit down with Putin and ask him what his version of the Clinton nuclear deal is. There’s not any advantage for him to cover for Hillary now that she lost. Maybe they could pickup copies of some canceled checks, phone tap recordings, or other evidence the FBI didn’t bury for the old Hill dog.
    Hey, just an idea.


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