Mark Zuckerberg wants to provide free internet to refugees in camps across Europe – IOTW Report

Mark Zuckerberg wants to provide free internet to refugees in camps across Europe

What better way to ensure that ISIS operatives can stay connected to their cabal?


  • Facebook head Mark Zuckerberg told the UN on Saturday that he will help Syrian refugees to access the internet 
  • He said he thinks it will help them get better access to aid and allow them to keep in touch with loved ones
  • He added: ‘A like or a post won’t stop a tank or a bullet but when people are connected, we have the chance to build a common global community’
  • But he didn’t divulge how he will bring the internet to refugees in camps

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20 Comments on Mark Zuckerberg wants to provide free internet to refugees in camps across Europe

  1. Hey Wally! What’s that giant sucking sound?
    Oh, that just Mark Zuckerberg sucking up to the communists again.

  2. It’s only fair. How else are they supposed to communicate with the rest of ISIS?

  3. Mark Zuckerberg would’ve been eager to make a buck selling ketchup to Jeffrey Dahmer.

  4. This is America. He can do whatever he wants to help the rat-people in Europe, or anywhere else, for that matter.

    Just leave me (and my taxes) out of it.

  5. Didn’t they say that Allah wanted his head chopped off?

  6. Of course he does. He’s the King of Socialist Networking.

  7. I would think that food, clothing, and shelter would be a tad higher on the priorities list for most of those people than updating their Facebook profiles…

  8. He’s not just an imbecile. He’s an imbecile with money and power. A very dangerous combination for the rest of us.

  9. He should go ahead and sell his stock. It’s got to be worth a trillion unicorn farts by now.

  10. Gee – publicly cuckold to the entire Muslim world. New heights of betaboi kiss ass unseen since the 8nth century. AND he’s a Jew? Paying the Umma to fuck him – and us.

    There’s nothing left – bring on the next apocalypse.


    Good luck finding a Noah or a Gilgamesh TODAY.

  11. But he didn’t divulge how he will bring the internet to refugees in camps
    By ballistic missile???

  12. Fuckerberg’s whole business model thrives on getting more people to replace those who already quit or like me, have never and will never use his product.

    So I can’t blame him for taking the opportunity to plaster the company name all over free shit for new recruits.

  13. Whenever retarded libtards like pimply faced Zuck say it will be free he means funded by the American taxpayers!

  14. Mark, I am certain they will kill you and your family last.
    Keep puckering up.

    BTW, didn’t a certain constitutional scholar say “at some point, you’ve made enough money”?

  15. All true Irony but you forgot to mention thief. He stold the FB concept from somebody else. All that money and still loser.

  16. Mark Zuckerberg is a fucking asshole. And this surprises how many people?

  17. The internet will be brought to them via our tax payers!

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