Markle as Yoko

Go to UNSAVORYAGENTS to see the whole poster, plus two more “Meghan/Harry as Yoko/John” images.

h/t Markle’s Silver Hammer

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  1. One wrong move in the future and Fuckingthem Palace will release the closely-guarded sex tape “Meghan At Midnight” …or is it “Midnight In Meghan”?


  2. I know it’s a meme that Yoko killed the Beatles … but it’s totally false … George & Ringo didn’t give 2 shits about her

    if anyone killed the Beatles it was McCartney & his insufferable Eastman … who manipulated to try & have her family manage them

    but … whatever …. Harry’s a spoiled shitweasel & he deserves that hag he’s chained to himself. if he was smart (& obviously he’s not) he’d dump her for Webb Hubble’s daughter 😉

  3. This malignant bitch ruined his life. A used-up grade-b actress divorcee pushing middle age gets her claws in a troubled man younger than she is, and does what malignant narcisissts do: destroy.

    She’s making his life a living hell now, having destroyed his family ties, his ties to his army buddies and his friends.

    Unless harry finds enormous fortitude and a very thick skin (his humilation will be very public and worldwide), this guy just might kill himself as the only way out from this psycho markel.

    Read about it:

    This is what harry is going through:

  4. Whereas, Meghan is attractive and Harry is a no-talent, but other than that, spot on.

    And Avoid The Dakota, lovebirds. Out of an abundance of caution, as they say.

  5. Harry adds nothing, and never has added anything, to the world.
    Quite different than the Beatles.
    Merlke isn’t in the same league, not even close, as Yoko, whatever role she had might have had on the band’s breakup.

  6. The sad thing is that relationship is NOT going to last and stupid Harry will be on the outside looking in. He’s vagmitized right now but that won’t last.

  7. Yeah, I love Yoko when she sang with the Beatles (see her doing Johnny be Good with The Beatles & Chuck Berry on YouTube), said no one ever. She could give scratching your fingernails on a chalkboard a run for its money.

  8. In less than a couple of years she’ll be dragging her sagging ass to all the gossip shows like “The View” and relating tales of Howdy Doody’s inadequacies and disgusting personal habits. She’ll let it be known that she’s available for the right man of means.
    Meanwhile the House of Windsor is being boarded up.

  9. Well-done posters but I still don’t GAS about them.
    Either of them.

    “Be careful what you wish for; it may come true.”

    izlamo delenda est …

  10. Of all the “royals” I minded Harry the least. At least he tried to serve many times in the military (AH64) etc. and reeally tried to promote the Invictus Games (Injured soldiers) etc.

    Look it up.

    However, the entire concept of a “royal” is what led to a Declaration of Independence & a “more perfect union”.

    No one is Royal on this earth. That is what makes your country different.
    Harry now has to figure that out by himself, so good luck buddy. I’m sure he has been set up with enough $$$$$ that he will be fine until his assets are halved by Markle.

  11. Why Smegma and the Ginger get any attention at all is beyond me. About as exciting as cold oatmeal. Sabo’s work is great tho’ and I really liked the crayon drawing of Saint Pie-face too.


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