Markota: “Foreskin facials” make Hollywood look bad

18 Comments on Markota: “Foreskin facials” make Hollywood look bad

  1. I was about to comment that at least they don’t use aborted babies, until I got to 1:20. These people are sickos. Enjoy that lake of fire.

  2. Kate Beckensdale says it “smells like sperm”. Well, I am sure she has a lot of experience in that area, right Harvey?

  3. They’ve always been getting foreskin facials to advance their careers. The only unusual twist here is they aren’t still attached.

  4. Who’s harvesting foreskin?

    “Oh nurse? Save that. Hillary Clinton pays top dollar to rub that all over her face.”

  5. There goes the willful suspension of disbelief.

    Ever time I see one of these actresses all I’m going to think about is how Kate talks about the goo they smear into their faces smells like sperm and the reason they can afford the thousand plus dollar treatment is because I bought a ticket to see the movie she is in.

    I suppose even old movies like Speed will be ruined; thanks to Tony R and Gin Blossom I will be thinking “That’s before Sandra was paying thousands to have goo that smells like seaman applied to her face to keep the job offers coming but probably when she was getting the same treatment but in a less high tech/ old fashion way to get the job offers coming”.

    I’ll bet Jane Fonda was a founding investor in the company.

  6. Hollyweird already looks bad so why is this a big deal to them. To me it sounds like a great big cum on. And they wonder why I don’t give a damn about what comes out of Hollyweird anymore with rare exceptions. They couldn’t care less about anything other than own selfish well being and certainly not facial makeup made possibly out of foreskins from aborted babies. This is sick beyond belief and makes me very angry. I’m about to become a grandfather for the 3rd time (I’m hoping for a grandson), my son and his wife are expecting their second child early next Summer. If anyone were to harm my daughter in law and unborn child they would have to answer to God first and then me and I’m not as merciful as God is.

  7. We have a nut in Tallahassee who stages his anticircumcision protests at the hospital.
    Apparently never read the Bible.

  8. I’m surprised that she didn’t discuss the recently discovered negative side effect of this procedure. Many are reporting that their faces swell horribly when stroked, sometimes so much that their eyes are squeezed shut. Some even report uncontrollable drooling.

  9. Do you want ugly celebs? DO YOU? Of course you don’t. Well okay then, this is why Gaia loved us enough to invent the gift of abortion.

    Stupid h8rs.

  10. Know why the stuff probably smells like semen? (sperm are microscopic cells without odor of their own, ignorant bints)

    Remember the creep fertility doc who used his own semen on unwitting women? Or the freak dentist who did something similar to women patients?

    What do you think this semen-smelling lotion may actually be made of?


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