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Martha’s Vineyard Invasion Song


A BlazeTV host has gone viral for writing and singing a song about the pompous, hoity-toity Martha’s Vineyard liberal elites who last week threw a fit over 50 illegal aliens being flown to their luxurious little island.

Called “The Martha’s Vineyard Invasion Song,” the song by host Chad Prather and CJaye LeRose mocks the blatant, glaring hypocrisy of the nearly 100 percent white island and its bougie residents. More

8 Comments on Martha’s Vineyard Invasion Song

  1. Bingo, right on the button. Democrats are going to explode. Tucker better keep his cell phone locked up…Joe’s hit men are coming for it.

  2. country’s nice, but I’d like a Woody Guthrie style folk ballad, something like:

    This land is my land
    Can’t you understand
    you need to keep your hands
    off of my land

    You know, an anthem for the people

  3. Uh oh! Claudia has competition to contend with!

    Ok, gang, we have a mission now. Make C. Jaye LeRose disappear and make it look like an accident!


  4. Never give up!

    You can always go psycho stalker, capture him, and stick him in a room with no windows.

    I hear that works well once the Stockholm syndrome kicks in.


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