He was 76-

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  1. We don’t do this in punk. All the cool punk “stars” are dead. And the ones left? No one’s gonna’ say, ‘RIP”. More like, “fuck, glad that’s finally over with.”

  2. Hmmm. I should probably keep my thoughts to myself.

    But I won’t.

    Looking at the history of this band I assert that they were a detriment to the nation and the culture, urging us wide eyed kids to ‘feed our heads’, to embrace leftism and social dysfunction.

    They were a bad influence and ushered in the popular notion that war is bad, never ever to be engaged in, those who fight in war are evil, basically they were the soundtrack for a burgeoning communist left wing.

    Jefferson Airplane. A makeshift roach clip fashioned from a paper match.

    I’m sorry. I did like some of their music. A little.
    But the world would have been a better place without them.

    Maybe this week’s Kavanaugh hearings have stripped me of all tolerance for left wing monsters.

    Grace Slick & Company are monsters. They sowed societal destruction and I don’t care how they rest.

    Shame on me.

  3. We’ll all have an inner hippie Brad.

    The wonderful thing about rock music was the questioning and challenging of authority, a concept that was transformational for everyone on this blog.

    But you can’t deny the downside. Many have died, suffer long term psychological dysfunction, venereal disease.

    We all participated in it, happily.

    I guess I’m ‘that guy’ tonight. Captain Buzz Kill.
    Ordinarily I’d have let this pass. But the guy from Connecticut who bogarted that joint, my friend, is now a senator who has lectured me about lying. You know. The valorous Vietnam Vet. Well whoops

    I’m having a difficult time with my anger issues at the moment.

  4. PHenry

    It’s all cool. Unless you have something bad to say about Peter Green. LOL
    I got in on the tail end of the Airplane and that era. Never have smoked any dope. Never drank. Until the Obama years and now I’m making up for lost time. I still think Balin was a musical genius.

  5. No matter what all you non hippie SOB’s have to say, Grace Slicks tits did stop the rain. I know, I was there. LOL.

  6. You might be right Brad.

    I did do some of those things and smoked enough dope for the both of us. Ha. Fortunately I gave it all up. It wasn’t helpful when I acquired acreage.

    Stuff to be done. You just can’t wander around wondering why you are in the shed. Wrench? Hammer? Screwdriver?

    I blame myself first, but Jefferson airplane second.

    But I still like my rock and roll gritty.

  7. Takes me back … not as far back as some of you old people here but far enough. Just messing with you guys. I loved Jefferson Airplane and Starship. Peace, Balin.

  8. PHenry, I agree with you about Jefferson Airplane. I did like some of their music but hated a lot of it especially White Rabbit, I can’t stand that song anymore. Jeff Starship’s album Blows Against The Empire from 1974 is the worst, I was so stoned listening on headphones to that album around Halloween 1974 and being by myself in my apartment it literally scared the hell out of me both spiritually and mentally that I had to throw the headphones down because I felt like I was demonically possessed. That album and The Moody Blues On The Thresh Hold Of A Dream I cannot listen to ever again because of the way they affected me spiritually. I don’t apologize for that but I know that certain kinds of music and especially sitar music affect me spiritually. The 60’s and early 70’s were both good and bad but it was a time of extreme turmoil for me because of sex, drugs and rock and roll etc. and the entire nation that still resounds today in the way we go about things and how much we have changed as a society over the past 50 years. I am so glad I was delivered from that 40 + years ago and that I am not an aging baby boomer who is still caught up in the past and never grew out of that crap. I will admit that I like Hot Tuna a lot though.

  9. Well, if we are bringing up music that drives us nuts, I could NEVER listen to YES or Emerson, Lake and Palmer. I’m glad I finally got that off my chest.

  10. I apologize for hijacking this thread. It was simply an outburst fueled by outrage. Any other week and I wouldn’t have uttered a peep.


  11. geoff the aardvark

    So wait, Marty Balin forced you to get fucked up? Come on assholes. The guy was brilliant at lyrics. That’s all some of us are saying. Well, mainly me. I listened to their stuff non stop in the mid to late 70’s. Never felt the need to get fucked up. Your weaknesses are no excuse for not honoring a master. That’s all I got to say on the matter. Peace out.

  12. Marty Balin or Jefferson Airplane never forced me to get messed up, it was myself and the damned drugs that did it. There is one song on an early Jeff Airplane album that Jim Ladd plays a lot on XM’s deep track channel 27 that I really like. I can’t remember it’s name but it is a hauntingly beautiful song. So it’s not all so bad.

  13. He was a good man.
    Met him in ’69 when I was living in Sausalito. Slip 6. Never be anything like that on this planet again.
    Rest in peace and thanx for the tunes
    onward we go

  14. Co-writer for Come Up The Years with Marty Balin, Paul Kantner died on the same day in 2016 as their lead female vocal Signe Anderson.

  15. Wow…first they lose the elephants…then the circus shuts down… now one of the founders dies…. RIP Mr. Balin. You’re in heaven with Mr. Barnum now.

  16. So I’m hoping Mr. Pinko can help me out on this. I could be wrong. My understanding is the original band, including Balin was named Hot Shit. Local radio stations wouldn’t play them for obvious reasons. So they changed their name to Hot Tuna. Someplace during the transition Balin joined the band. Then off to super hippie shit with the Airplane.

  17. Aaron Burr

    Actually I’d just like to meet you in person and hear you repeat some of the shit you’ve typed here. Fortunately my Bro In Law is a Southwest pilot so I can be there in a heart beat. You’re a dick. Please say something really clever.
    Shit you didn’t learn on the debate team. Don’t talk ill of someones mother. And yea, You are still a dick.

  18. Brad, you’re gay. And old. And insane. Also, pretty dim. I could go on… but I just don’t care about you the way you get a boner in your pants every time you see me post.

    Oh, and your mother pulled all those trains at Brett Kavanaughs parties.

  19. “We Built This City” will always have a special sentimental place… as the worst song ever written and recorded.

  20. Only Eric Burdon, Tim Buckley probably had a greater voice…of the time period.

    It must have sucked for Grace knowing that a GUY in the band sang better.

    Count on Me – the piano sounds like a ragtime tempo.

    Better than Miracles – IMHO.

    His voice is like a resonating instrument.

    @BB- never heard that one about the rain…

    RIP Marty.

  21. Aaron Burr

    I’m curious. Actually I’m not. I can’t wait until you meet me face to face. Do you think that can’t happen. We need a IOTW film crew there. Obviously, your a bad ass Mother Fucker. Literally. You’ve fucked everyones mom, including mine. Assholes here think it’s funny. probably not if it were there mother. I’m really old. Lets meet. Just give me time to get out of my walker. You fucking idiot. Lets do this. You started it, lets finish it. Prescott, I know where that is. I’ll give you 10 seconds survival. You’re an idiot.

  22. I’m beginning to think Brad didn’t appreciate my Barnum and Bailin joke….

    Also…. I can’t remember anything I type here. That implies I read. Just… no.

    However, I am willing to record various catchphrases I’ve coined.



    That’s about it. I may have ranted about peanut butter once or twice but it seems it would be a super difficult audio cut to fap to.

    I guess I could go on an extemporaneous screed about old douche bags with thin skins and low self esteem who like to get all agro online… pretty sure that’s been done….

  23. Aaron Burr

    Lets keep this rolling. You are a fucking asshole. Maybe gay. I say that because no heterosexual male is going to say that about some ones mother. I owe you. And sooner or later shit happens. Ya dick. Say something clever again. I know, Vagenda.

  24. Of course I said it. Like a million times. Why? Because you’re a steroided out old loser who likes to bully people online. So now what? You want to get your brother in law pilot to crash a jet into my house? You wanna’ show up at my house and rip your shirt off and flex at me?

    How exactly, do you plan to get out of this without looking like more of an insane jackass?

    It’s obvious all I have to do is type some words and you freak the fuck out like a gang rape survivor from 82′. It’s easy.

    The hard thing to do is act like a man and treat people with respect and dignity. if not, I’m happy to talk about your mother some more.

  25. Aaron Burr
    How old are your daughters? I’m pretty sure I poked one of them in the ass the other day. She was calling your name. I guess you’ve been there before. Dick

  26. “Of course I said it. Like a million times. Why? Because you’re a steroided out old loser who likes to bully people online.”

    Fuck that pussy. just told you I’d fly. Let’s do it tuff guy. you’re a fucking weak sister and you know it.

    Edit, with a big fucking mouth. Stop stalling pussy. let me know how good my mother was.

  27. Brad, Brad, Brad…. it’s much more fun and rewarding to raise your blood pressure and heart rate to catastrophic levels from the comfort of my couch.

    Besides, when you slobber at me, it means you’re not picking on anyone else. This is my good deed for the day.

  28. ” Because you’re a steroided out old loser who likes to bully people online”

    I’ll bet real dollars, I can squeeze your head until it pops like a zit. You’re a foul mouthed muther fucker. I’m game.

  29. @ AB – Projecting much are ya?

    “Brad, you’re gay.”

    “Brad, you obviously masturbate while moaning out my name.”

    This sounds like one sick pup!

    BTW it’s Barnum and BAILEY ass hole.

    IF you are going to be a WISE ASS, get it right.

    How old are YOU prick? You sound like a kid, correct that a teenager. I can hear the SOY from here.

  30. “Besides, when you slobber at me, it means you’re not picking on anyone else. This is my good deed for the day.”

    Oh I don’t deserve any favors. I’m a man on a mission. I hope you are in as good as shape as your fucking loose mouth.
    Waiting for the next clever come back ass bite.

  31. Brad,
    if I may interrupt you boy’s pissing contest to answer your earlier question. Hot Tuna was an acoustic side project of Jorma Kaukonen and Jack Cassidy during the breaks in the Airplane days. They continue to this day touring and making records. You’re welcome.

  32. ghost of col j glover

    Really? He said he fucked my mother. He’ll say he fucked your mother too. Give him a chance. So fuck off.

  33. Diggy….. this is so embarrassing…..

    In my defense, I am doing the Lords work.

    Not sure which Lord exactly…… think I have the right one on a trading card somewhere……

  34. Diogenes Sarcastica

    You could have picked a better time. This guys an asshole. But thanks.
    I really don’t appreciate some dirt bag saying they had sexual relations with my mother. If he’s a pal of yours, maybe you can explain it to him.


    You obviously did NOT get what I was saying…

    Don’t SHOOT yourself in the foot.

    You make the traitor Aaron Burr look good…

    Did you notice my comments were directed at a fanuch?

    @ Diogenes – thanks for the clarification! Saw Jorma once at the Iguana Lounge in NYC.

    Boys pissing contest? VERY GOOD!

  36. “Boys pissing contest? VERY GOOD!”

    Here’s the bet,I’ll cover it. I can make Aaron Burr totally Unconscious with in 3 seconds of meeting him, Bets please.
    I’m up for the challenge. let’s see who pissing in the wind.
    Apparently he hasn’t fucked everyones mother. Yet.

  37. RIP Marty, saw him twice after Red Octopus. Great voice, Pete Sears, awesome bass player. Kantner always blew and Grace at that point just wondered the stage after White Rabbit looking for blow.

  38. Just came back from checking out some Marty Balin videos
    and this is still going on.
    It doesn’t need to. I’m not really enjoying it.
    AB, you should clean up over there. I”m not allowed to play with people like you.

    And since this topic has been railroaded, I’m going to listen to some SF music, back when that was a good place. Not by Balin, but I’ll play it really loud in his honor, and it does reflect the state of the world today.

  39. Aaron Burr is a Neophyte when it comes to manly shit and a code of ethics. But I imagine after regains conscious after meeting me he will FUCKING GET IT. Any bets?

  40. @ Snorky – thanks for jumping in!

    Far as I know, it’s about distance and pressure NOT accuracy…

    What is most important is for ‘the plumbing’ to flow. PERIOD.

    Those public urinals do help…with the accuracy.

  41. Hi Toby – nods, be sure to check out – Drift Away by Toby Gray. Your right about SF music back then. Now, Watch your step! Regards,,,

  42. Hot damn, it’s Saturday night at the ol’ IOTW Saloon and Dance Hall!
    BFH & Co. are going to go broke replacing the 20 foot bar mirror every week. Damn things don’t grow on trees.

  43. ghost of col j glover, agree with your take on it, If I can’t get close enough to McCain’s grave at the annual fireworks. Good point @Joe6, and the things I’ve paid good money for,,, and lost at.

  44. ghost of col j glover, this urinal thing you speak of is not known in the world I come from. Just as a turd catcher is in San Francisco. Please enlighten us more – James Shatner all over.

  45. Snorky1, I don’t want you to think I was taking a shot at you. Years ago a bunch of us were on the dock drinking and someone challenged someone else to a pissing contest. So some big macho guys with full bladders whooped and hollered about their pissing prowess when one of the girls bet them she could beat them all. Once she had all her bets lined up she dropped her shorts, bent over, and pissed backwards, and I guarantee you she beat everyone by 5 feet. It was no contest. We kind of got sidetracked from saying goodbye to poor Marty.

  46. @ Snorky – Well since YOU brought up the subject of pissing on graves?

    Margaret Sanger:

    I live in NY and find myself near Albany now and then…

    @ Aaron Bitch – I thought about your original post about ‘punk stars being dead??

    Is Johnny Rotten dead you dipshit?

    You call yourself a PUNK? What the EFF do you know?

    You are a but a child living in a BASEMENT or more like BELFRY with your dead moms corpse.

    This said, my apologies for helping this thread in getting HIJACKED and sorry if I don’t suffer fools gladly.

  47. @ghost and Joe6 – never wished to imply any offense has been taken. Never did. Just glad here at IOTW I like to be able to voice opinions, sometimes with my own sad sense at levity. Unlike the TV world, not everything is funny. ‘cept Damn Joe6, that was funny!

  48. @col, Thanks, good to know. Well, it’s late so G’nite to you and John Boy, Joanie, Chichi, Weezie, George, Joe6pak, Fonzie, Opie, Herb the barber, Gomer and Goober, Granny and Jeb, BFH, Genie and Major Nelson, Secret Squirrel, The Wacky Racers, MJA, Marty Balin , not John McCain,,better stop here, Sweet Dreams to all and Brad

  49. “Sweet Dreams to all and Brad”
    That’s pretty funny. Until I he claims he’s fucking your mother too, Yes? No? Just curious.

  50. @Bad_Brad You lost me at the “I he” thing. None the less, Don’t know who’s my Daddy, so is it you or him? I got Avenatti on the line now, please advise ASAP! ’cause he is kind’a busy, you know? Damn you mean I he did her too? You bastards!

  51. I’d consider joining the pissing contest, but I’m old enough to know the only thing that would happen is that my shoes would get wet.

  52. I asked this insanely tall girl named Alice what the hell was going on in this thread and all she said was,

    “What’s it to you, Shorty?”


  53. I liked the part where that sexy Aaron Burr fellow made the Barnum and Balin joke.

    I like him. Seems like a sane fellow, not likely to fly off the handle and all that.

  54. Leftists find reasons to troll lots of right wing sites, including IOTW, and won’t leave even when tagged. Tagging just makes them worse, bolder, nastier. Two regular tagged ones are tolerated to sow evil here because…I’ll never know why. It ruined the site I spent most of my time at for years. Ah well.

  55. Saw Balin at the old Capitol Center – dude didn’t even need a microphone (or sound system).

    What projection! What a voice!
    Chaquico was on guitar at that time and the concert was exceptional.

    izlamo delenda est …

  56. Why is it when you go out for a drink with friends and there always seems to be an obnoxious prick that wants to kick somebody’s ass. What’s up is that?

    Quite comical if it weren’t so sad….

  57. Comin’ Back To Me from their album Surrealistic Pillow was the name of the haunting song Jefferson Airplane sang that I mentioned above that was sung by Marty Balin. It’s such a beautiful song and probably one of their best and the one I really like.

  58. Once again…..Bad Brad…..embellishes the ass he is….and many know this.

    Manly this, code of ethics that, i’m strong, i make guns, i know people…..he spouts!

    He’s nothing more than another keyboard warrior that spouts 3% stuff. Too fucking funny.

    Come here, Bradley….come kick my ass. Or, do you need ‘Q’ for permission?

    A friggin’ juvenile you are….age has nothing to do with it.

    Hey! BadBrad….your momma wears overboots. Toot, toot.

  59. .45-70

    Yawn, another key board warrior want a be. A weak sister. I’ll bet he claims to fuck other peoples mother too. Hunker down bitch.

  60. .45-70

    So you think it’s fine for some ass hole to degrade your mother? Yes or no? Are you a tuff guy? I am. If your serious about me kicking your old ass send me a message through FUR. Here’s the caveat, I want you and AB at the same time. Plane tickets are expensive and you’ve clearly shown where your alligence lays. I’m thinking you had no respect for your mother. I did. I won’t apologize for that. Ya fucking idiot.

  61. Aw…geez tuff guy Brad lighten up.

    You are acting like a teenager and being silly….and to tell you the truth, your antics are getting old.

    Did you get permission from ‘Q’ to be so belligerent and ignorant?

    It’s truly fun to watch you get spun-up over nothing….or in your feeble mind…a righteous indignation.

    You seem unable to understand the difference between 2D and 3D communication.

    And what the fuck do you mean allegiance?? Are we choosing sides here? I must have missed that memo…?

    You were a funny guy… sometimes…in the past.

    But now you’re just a bore.

    Excuse me…a tuff guy bore. Lol


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