Marxine Waters Gets President Trump’s Financial Records From Wells Fargo and TD Bank


Gateway Pundit:

Congresswoman Mad Maxine Waters has already obtained President Trump’s financial documents from Wells Fargo and TD Bank.

NBC News reported that two out of nine financial institutions have already complied with subpoenas issued by the House Financial Services and handed over thousands of documents to the Committee.

Wells Fargo and TD Bank are the two of nine institutions that have so far complied with subpoenas issued by the House Financial Services Committee demanding information about their dealings with the Trump Organization, according to the sources. The disclosures by these two banks haven’t been previously reported. Both TD Bank and Wells Fargo declined to comment for this story.

Wells Fargo provided the committee with a few thousand documents and TD Bank handed the committee a handful of documents, according to a source who has seen them. The committee, led by Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., is especially interested in the president’s business relationship with Russia and other foreign entities.

Maxine Waters said on MNSBC’s “Hardball” on Wednesday, “we don’t have information to share with you at this time about what we’ve learned from the documents.”

Rep. Maxine Waters also sent subpoenas to Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, Royal Bank of Canada and Toronto-Dominion Bank and JP Morgan Chase.

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Judge Refuses to Block Bank Subpoenas Seeking President Trump’s Financial Records.

Epoch Times:

A federal court judge has refused an effort from President Donald Trump to block subpoenas issued by House Democratic lawmakers seeking his financial records from two banks.

Trump sued the two banks, Deutsche Bank and Capital One, in April to stop them from complying with the subpoenas from the House Intelligence and Financial Services committees. Deutsche Bank has lent Trump’s company millions of dollars over the years.

In a ruling on May 22, U.S. District Judge Edgardo Ramos, who was appointed by President Barack Obama, said that Trump and his company’s argument that the subpoenas were unlawful and unconstitutional would unlikely succeed and that the subpoenas have “a legitimate legislative purpose.”

The Democrat’s attempt to obtain Trump’s financial records is one of the three investigations launched by key House committees in April. The other probes are seeking the president’s tax returns and the unredacted Mueller report. The number of inquiries led by House Democrats has since grown to 10.  read more

30 Comments on Marxine Waters Gets President Trump’s Financial Records From Wells Fargo and TD Bank

  1. …OK, turnabout is fair play…when do we get MAXINE’S?

    …There’s WAY more criminal potential THERE…

  2. The Democrats will never quit, they don’t give up.

    They believe they are the rightful rulers of America and the American people and are furious that someone isn’t going along with it.

    They want Trump and everyone who supports him gone, that includes you and me if you are on his side.

    Bad things will come of this, very bad things.

  3. …also there is ZERO chance that Max understands ANYTHING about a financial document, seeing as how she doesn’t even seem capable of calculating how much glue her WIG needs to stay in place…

  4. This shit needs to be stopped. We are very near a call to arms. The tree of Liberty is nearly dead.

  5. She got nothing and she knows it. And meanwhile, voters see Dems picking on and harassing Trump.

    Time to FOIA the Dems’ records.

  6. Since Dems have no idea on how to handle real money, how are these documents going to help their cause?

  7. The left destroys. The economy suffers. The conservatives get voted in and have to take measures to clean up the fiscal mess then the the left step up and say look how mean this government is and jump back into power and start the same spend tax b.s. all over again. it is a nasty cyclicl political thing.If i could make long term bets.Look at Canada.

  8. I’m getting frustrated and pissed off as hell by the lack of fighting back that we are seeing. Half the libs (both parties) should be in jail by now and all we get is quitters like Trey Gowdy and Jason Chaffetz telling us how they have seen real evidence, that if it is ever brought out in the open it would be devastating. Dammit, devastate us, we are ready!

  9. Ok, why isn’t this a Federal criminal offense? Is it not illegal to surreptitiously obtain the private banking records of a [then] private citizen without [real] cause?

    Maybe this is good for our side…maybe it will massively backfire on the treasonous crew who are doing nothing for our country except personally harassing our President and the office he holds.

  10. MJA
    MAY 23, 2019 AT 10:21 AM
    “Supernightshade – I figured it was velcro. lol”

    …Velcro would actually make more sense. That’s why I figure it ISN’T…

  11. …more liberal projection. They ALL have shady business dealings and TONS of corruption in THEIR bank records, so they figure everyone ELSE does, TOO…

  12. Didn’t Mad Maxine recently pay her daughter over $600k out of campaign funds?

    If she got arrested, I’d blow up a 24 x 36 photo of the mugshot of her without her wig above my toilet.

    That way, even in jail, she could still oversee her constituency.

  13. We have a feckless pack of cowards in the republican party that do nothing but cower to the dems. This is lawlessness and political strong arming that’s never addressed. As citizens our only recourse is to vote them out and that’s an iffy proposition and too time consuming. People are really getting pissed.
    The cork may be ready to blow if something isn’t done.

  14. Not too much of a stretch to surmise that WF & TD banks are in the back pocket of certain high-ranking Dem’s…they could have easily told Madam Maxine et al to go pound sand.

    So who is protecting who?

    @Gin- “feckless”…word of the last 2 1/2 years. Doubtful any of them (save for some) will grow a pair and do what is right…me thinks this is because they too are part of the entrenched swampers.

  15. I’m ready any time to take it to the streets when it goes. This country is becoming not worth living in any longer as it is.

  16. @Gin- Don’t give up just yet…despite this graft and garbage going on for decades, the backlash has started and it’ll [hopefully only slightly] get worse before the heeled-over ship gets righted. When that happens the bailing will begin and the poop-deck will be cleaned a bit.

  17. Donald needs to hire a good PI firm to research
    the skyscraper high shitpile of corruption that
    Madmaxine and her dirtball Dems are sitting atop.

  18. It’s time for the Senate Subcommittee on Finance subpoena the financial records of Mad Max, Nadler, Pelosi, and Shumer. That’s a good start for the first round of Senate “oversight”.

  19. The only valid reason I can accept for not burning these Dems now, is Trump is waiting to get enough conservative judges in place.

  20. Handing over to Maxine some financial records is about as useful as me giving my Basset the complete works of Shakespeare.

  21. So, Wells Fargo and TD can’t be trusted for rich people to put their money in. Good to know.


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