Maryland Democrats Pushing for State to Become Sanctuary for Illegal Immigrants

Epoch Times: Sheriff Chuck Jenkins ended up with two suspected cartel hitmen in his Frederick County, Maryland, jail last week. Maryland State Police made the arrests after discovering drugs and guns in their vehicle.

Jenkins said the only way that jail officers were able to determine the two men were in the United States illegally and were alleged hitmen was through his county’s cooperation with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

But, Jenkins said, that cooperation could soon be blocked if a raft of new bills pass the Maryland legislature—effectively rendering Maryland a sanctuary state for illegal aliens, by shielding them from immigration authorities.

Jenkins said that if he was prohibited from communicating with ICE and honoring a detainer from the agency, the alleged hitmen could have been released on a bond—with no one knowing their cartel connections.

The sheriff serves in one of three Maryland counties—along with Anne Arundel and Harford—that currently cooperates with ICE through its 287(g) program. The program allows for ICE to be alerted when an illegal alien is booked into a county correctional facility.

“The only inquiries that we make are once an individual is arrested and taken to our booking center at the jail. Everybody is asked two questions: ‘Where were you born?’ and, ‘What country are you a citizen of?’”

If the detainee answers anything other than “the United States,” an immigration status check is conducted using the federal database.

Deputies never ask for an individual’s immigration status while responding to an incident, during a traffic stop, or while conducting an investigation, Jenkins said.  more

5 Comments on Maryland Democrats Pushing for State to Become Sanctuary for Illegal Immigrants

  1. This is just 25 miles from my house! Thanks Maryland for again wanting to screw your neighbors with the collateral damage of your cultural, ethical, and moral suicide.

    BTW there is a gun registration bill pending in the PA House that would require gun registration and a $ 10 per year “permit/licensing” ownership fee (per gun) sponsored by some Philadelphia idjit.

  2. The 2 rathole counties next to DC are full of
    federal trough pigs who are hardline deepstaters.
    They wreck the rest of the state by electing their
    trial attorney socialists to steal and corrupt.
    Other than the carbuncle of Baltimore City,
    large areas of the state are pretty conservative.

  3. I think it’s a fine idea. Grab all the illegals and deposit them in Maryland. Building a wall around Maryland has to be cheaper then one on the Mexican boarder. Oh, and once the door gets closed nobody comes out. “Escape from New York” indeed.


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