Maryland Governor Prohibits Shutting All Private Schools in State’s Largest County

NR: On Friday night, a local health official in Montgomery County, Md., issued an order prohibiting all private schools from offering in-person instruction until at least October 1. The mandate in Maryland’s largest county, home to one million residents, sparked a strong backlash over the weekend from parents and others concerned privately funded schools would permanently shutter because of the order.

On Saturday, Maryland GOP governor Larry Hogan criticized the local official’s decision, and on Monday Hogan issued an emergency order prohibiting local officials from shutting down all schools.

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  1. if Trump can shitcan h1b visas because they dont hire Americans to do a job, cant he do something about anti-American NEA?

  2. Why does Trump have to do something. Are we Pussy Nation? It is up to We the people to do something. Like massive tax strikes. They do work. The French do strikes like no one’s business and pulled their children out of public schools when they tried to teach history as thematic instead of chronologically. Yes. That’s what pissed off the French. What will it take for us to get angry enough to Defund the Department of Education, I wonder.

  3. Wish we could de-fund the Department of Education but that would be like Elections not being stolen. Now I believe is the time that the only way to get the message across is instead of children getting shot in a drive-by is target these shitbirds, who all think they have Executive Order privilege.

    Start with Dementiacrats and Maskholes,,,

  4. Fund each department with a separate funding bill and let Trump veto funding the department of education. Either that, or charge Betsy DeVoss with shutting it down.


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