Maryland Guv Wants Dred Scott Judge Removed

Chief Justice Roger B. Taney is best known for presiding over the notorious Dred Scott case that denied a black man his humanity and helped kickstart the Civil War. His statue sits on the grounds of the Maryland State House, but not much longer. Governor Larry Hogan wants him removed.

According to the article, both Taney and Scott descendants want the Chief Justice removed and replaced with Scott.


That’s gratitude for you. Serve 28 years on the Supreme Court, make one bad decision and they pull your statue down the moment it becomes politically expedient.




8 Comments on Maryland Guv Wants Dred Scott Judge Removed

  1. Coming next: ALL crosses visible ‘from’ Public Space must be covered or removed.
    Since ‘Disagreeable speech’ is equivalent to violence; those who dare to offend by wearing MAGA hats or anything remotely resembling the American flag are guilty of assault. Therefor they are not allowed to defend themselves from the righteous assault of those Social Justice Workers. Any Alt Right Operative who defends themselves from Righteous Chastisement is guilty of a second assault, and will be re-educated up to and including lobotomy.

  2. hello black people

    please explain what is being accomplished for the black communities by removal of symbols of our history

    i am curious if by doing so you have advanced the education rate of blacks, have reduced the black-on-black killings, reduced the births of illegitimate blacks with no father to lead them, lessened the killing of unborn blacks, removed the shackles of the welfare dependency and pushed blacks to be independent and successful citizens, slowed the violent rhetoric of blm and killing of cops, reduced the black crime rate and population of blacks in prisons, etc etc etc

    pls list the measurable accomplishments of these angry tactics for those of us who cannot comprehend the stupidity of the same

  3. And Taney was a SCOTUS Justice
    when the Court ruled in favor
    of the kidnapped black men on
    the Amistad, even after they
    killed the captain and another

  4. A statue is just an image of who you give revernce to. They mean nothing to me wood stone whatever. The second commandment says it all. Sure its history of a great nation but all great nations are gone. God told the hebrews that when then went to a new land to tear down their alters and statures of their gods. Worship God alone and serve no other.

  5. I hope they will denounce Robert Byrd – the man Hillary eulogized as her mentor in 2010 and who Dems called “the conscience of the Senate” and for whom the “Byrd Rules” reconciliation process is named.

    After all, he was a real, true KKK leader and recruiter that “conscience of the Senate mentor.”

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