19 Comments on Maryland’s Top Law Enforcer, Marilyn Mosby Indicted for Perjury

  1. The stench from baltimore is so bad I can smell it from my house 30 miles away.
    It’s either that or from DC. I can’t tell the difference.

  2. “Last summer, Mosby and her husband launched a legal defense fund. Willie Flowers, president of the Maryland state conference of the NAACP, said the civil rights organization would donate to the fund.”

    Birds of a feather.

  3. And whenever questioned they immediately pull the v race card, no matter how brelazen their corruption or manifest their incompetence…and people eat it right up.

  4. @Brown Eyed Girl – I get the impression from the defense fund website this might be a twofer if husband, Nick, is linked to the fraud and perjury.

    We’ll all have to keep an eye out as things develop on this one.

  5. If you start indicting politicians for perjury, where will it stop?

    “If I say a thing that I know is not perfect truth, it is a flat perjury.”
    (the ONLY standard)

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  6. Dr. Tar, I looked online disclosure records to see who else donated, but couldn’t find anything. And I absolutely agree with you about her husband. My thought, also.

  7. Here’s the standards to get a job like she had:
    Must be black
    Preferably female
    Know how to play the race card
    Have no scruples or morals
    Must know how to manipulate money
    Must be able to lie with a straight face

  8. Sorry to nit pick, but she’s Baltimore’s top law enforcer, Maryland’s top law enforcer would be another POS named Brian Frosh one of the biggest political hacks in a state full of them.

  9. If she was using the money for a mortgage does anyone know what the penalty for mortgage fraud is? Buller? Buller? Up to how many years in prison? 30, 30 years in prison for mortgage fraud.

    Aaaaaand nothing with come of it.

  10. Meanwhile, Texas Attorney General, Ken Paxton is in big trouble, good chance he will ge fired for lying & cover up of his involvement in the Jan 6th Capital attack. Jim Jordon has a new nickname, The Mar-a-lago Mutt.

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