Masks Don’t Work

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  1. I watched the first two minutes. I’ll revisit the video tonight when I’m not distracted. I think it bears watching.

  2. Try climbing a ladder with 40+ pounds of tools in the heat wearing a mask that cuts your breathing by minimum 40%.

    Ya get a little bit light headed 30 feet up FFS!

  3. Fundamentally, a mask is a FILTER.

    Stupidest thing I’ve ever seen is bicyclists in parks around Denver, 1 mile from the nearest person wearing a mask. Within minutes, that mask is full of dust, pollen, fine dirt, dead bug parts …..

    …plus, the biker is likely oblivious to the overtaxing of his hypoxic heart, as he peddles away, obedient to the bureaucrats that so love him “in the overabundance of CAUTION”…. rotfl

  4. @Kcir – try working in a warehouse with no air conditioning and no air circulation, in 90 degree heat and 90% humidity – wearing glasses. It’s unbearable.

    The policy is set by corporate lawyers who work in air conditioned offices, and who, for the most part, don’t wear masks themselves in their offices.

    It’s all about CYA

  5. He’s indicating that fools like Coumo should be investigated for the high death rate thanks to his stupid panicked decisions.
    Smart man!!!
    He never mentioned the name but he was describing Coumo.

  6. Good Tune. Makes sense.

    The giveaway was that it was not killing many younger and immune, non-comprimised people.

    Mueller, November again comes to mind.

  7. I’ll argue one step further. Even if masks were only some percentage effective (like 25% – a number you hear frequently) in stopping COVID-19, stopping the virus is a bad idea for the general population. The general population needs to become immune to the disease as fast as possible so that people who are actually at risk of dying from it minimize the time they COULD be exposed. These at-risk groups ARE the ones who would benefit from masks – if that were even possible, which it isn’t. They’re the ones who SHOULD have been isolated and protected during the early stages of the pandemic.

    Even further, enough is now known (unlike months ago) about effective treatments, that BEST TREATMENT(s) for COVID-19 should be the emphasis now, not prevention! Best treatments for the disease should now be ‘common knowledge.’

  8. Finally a glimmer of hope for sanity! The media driven fear in the sheeple is going to destroy this country!
    I agree with everything he said!

  9. There’s two ways the likes of the Fauci kind are killing people. (1) demand that you wear a facemask, (2) locked down in your home. We weren’t designed for either way. Why do people even allow the asswipes to demand anything from you. If anyone dares say to me that I am selfish for not wearing a mask, my remark to them is, I love myself and do not care to hurt my health just because someone tells me I must do it. I don’t have to do Jack $hit. No one has had the nerve to say anything to me–yet, I’ve got that “Karen” look about me. 🙂

  10. New England Journal of Medicine has been saying the same thing for months.
    Might as well use the face mask to cover your arse.

  11. The so called adults that needed to learn how to wash their hands and quit picking their noses don’t believe this guy. The mask is a talisman at best or a binky at worst.

  12. “You must wear the mask.”
    “You know what you are? You’re a mask bully.”
    “Hey, where’s your mask?”
    “Oh, I don’t wear the mask.”
    “You don’t wear the mask? Aren’t you against the virus?”
    “Yeah, I’m against the virus. I’m walking aren’t I?”
    “Who do you think you are?”
    “Put the mask on.”
    “Bob! This guy won’t wear the mask!”
    “Who! Who doesn’t want to wear the mask?”
    “So, what’s it going to be? Are you going to wear the mask?”
    “No, uh, never.”
    “Well, I’m wearing the mask! He’s wearing the mask! We are all wearing the mask. So, why aren’t you going to wear the mask?”
    “This is America! I don’t have to wear anything I don’t wanna’ wear!”
    “What are we going to do with him?”
    “We’re just going to have to teach him to wear the mask!”
    “Get him!”

  13. I use a neck gaiter, camouflage of course. Keeps the schmucks and Karens at bay and looks military. Got some fishing gaiters coming, and a leopard print one for my wife. Looking for a Trump one!

  14. Facts are not going to work. Common sense will not work, nor will peer reviewed science that masks may be pretty, but they are pretty useless.

    I am just watching The Five replay on YT. ALL FIVE are advocating wearing a mask, and I am thinking do these “smart” people not read?

    They wear masks in surgery to prevent germs and bacteria from infecting a patient, not a virus. Even hospitals with expensive isolation gear spread the virus. I experienced 9 surgeries in 2019; so, I am a bit of a lay expert on what goes on. Not all the medical folks wear masks in the Operating Room “area”. They do in the actual rooms where a surgery is in process or if they are going into a surgery room with an active operation going on.

  15. In a country with no morals, no God, no common sense, and full anarchy, a person lacks meaning. When said person dawns a face diaper, he can say he saved lives today! CONVID-1984 must stay around to give these people meaning to their lives and democrats confirm their meaning. Who they gonna vote for?

  16. seems like a good place to dump this ….

    sung to the tune of Queen’s ‘Bicycle Race’

    “Face Diaper, Face Diaper, Face Diaper
    I want to wear my Face Diaper, Face Diaper, Face Diaper
    I want to wear my Face Diaper
    I want to save my life
    I want to wear my Face Diaper
    I want to wear it where I like

    You say black, I say privilege
    You say dark, I say white
    You say stark, I say hey man
    Laws were never my scene
    And I don’t like Small Business Stores

    You say dry, I say moist
    You say God, give me a choice
    You say Lord, I say Christ
    I don’t believe in SanFran Nan
    Shifty Shiff or Joe Biden

    All I wanna do is
    Face Diaper, Face Diaper, Face Diaper
    I want to wear my Face Diaper, Face Diaper, Face Diaper
    I want to wear my Face Diaper
    I want to save my life
    I want to wear my Face Diaper
    I want to save my life

    Face Diaper riots are coming your way
    So burn & loot all your cities oh yeah!
    Fat bottomed girls they’ll be waddling today, holding up their cardboard signs
    So look out for those beauties oh yeah
    On your masks, get set, go

    Face Diaper riot Face Diaper riot Face Diaper riot
    Face Diaper, Face Diaper, Face Diaper
    I want to wear my Face Diaper

    Face Diaper, Face Diaper, Face Diaper, Face Diaper
    (I want a)
    Face Diaper riot

    You say coke, I say caine
    You say peace, I say pain
    Hot dog, I say cool it man
    I wanna be the President of Americans
    You say smile, I say on your knees
    Tear the Statues down, I say please
    Russia Hoax, I say Jeez
    I don’t wanna be a candidate
    For CHOP City or Obamagate
    ‘Cause all I want to do is

    Face Diaper, Face Diaper, Face Diaper
    I want to wear my Face Diaper, Face Diaper, (c’mon), Face Diaper
    I want to wear my Face Diaper
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    I want to wear my Face Diaper
    I want to wear it where I like”

  17. The so called public health experts know that face diapers (I like it) don’t protect against the Wuhan virus, no more than their use protects against other viruses (flu). Blue governments have denied people their freedoms to assemble, worship, and engage in commerce and they proved that they could. We bowed our heads and complied. If Dr. Doom were in charge, those who do not wear masks would be arrested and thrown into camp style prisons. He’d also initiate a dusk to dawn curfew. Those caught on the street would be shot.

  18. Masks may or not work, however I personally get a sense of relief when certain individuals don them…


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