Mass Stabbing Deaths in California Leave Lefty Media Unfazed

Remain calm, people. The mass murders were not carried out with a military-style assault weapon. I repeat, not carried out with a military-style assault weapon.

No prayers and wishes toward the community necessary.


4 people are dead, 2 wounded after a series of stabbings in Garden Grove and Santa Ana, according to KCAL9.

Police say all four people killed in the stabbing spree were male Hispanics.

A 33-year-old male Hispanic suspect from Garden Grove is in custody, suspected of carrying out a rapid series of robberies and stabbings at several locations over the space of two hours.

Garden Grove police Lt. Carl Whitney says the suspect robbed a bakery, fatally stabbed two men at an apartment, robbed a check-cashing business and an insurance business where he stabbed a woman, slashed a man at a gas station, disarmed and killed a security guard at a 7-Eleven store in Santa Ana and killed an employee at a Subway restaurant before being arrested.

Police said he had no apparent connection to any of the victims. Whitney added that the attacks appeared to be random and the motive appears to be robbery and, in his words, anger and hate.


Probably an illegal, which makes it politically awkward for the “apolitical” 4th estate.

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  1. The Democrat Media knows wide reporting of this crime does not advance their primary goal and purpose for existence of defeating President Trump in the next election, so it’s not reported.

  2. All victims were also hispanic. No shit, he’d have to cross the border into Arizona to stand a chance of finding that many whites in one area.

  3. Screaming libtard peasant:
    “We need common sense knife laws now!”
    Sleazy politician:
    “Slow down. We’re still working on taking away all the law abiding citizens’ guns. We’ll get to the knives, clubs, ropes, forks and spoons soon enough…”

  4. WHy aren’t the local authorities seeking advise from the mayor of London as to how to get their arms around this problem?

  5. Now that they’ve released his photo…is it just me, or does the guy look like Marco Rubio’s half-brother?


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