Massachusetts AG Maura Healey wants climate change warnings on gas pumps

That’s funny, because I want climate change warnings on climate change activist’s mansions.


Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey wants gas station owners to post warnings at the pump that say customers are spurring climate change by filling up their tanks.

The idea came up in oral arguments in Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Tuesday in a case challenging Exxon Mobil’s record on addressing the threat of global warming and the attorney general’s claim that the company misinformed the public over the threat.

“Because, your honor, the gas sold at those gas stations is among the premier contributors to global warming,” Healey’s lawyer, Richard Johnston, responded.

Healey has asked for information from Exxon related to the marketing of fossil fuels in Massachusetts, “including advertisements, in particular,” Johnston said.

“So, I own Joe’s gas station on the corner, I’m a franchisee, and you’re telling me that I have information that relates to how Exxon Mobil, this gi-normous corporation, has marketed and lied on climate change?” Gaziano asked.

“If they’re doing sales and marketing in Massachusetts, and they know things that they should be telling people – either consumers or investors – that would be relevant to the consumers or investors’ decisions, then they’ve gotta make that part of their advertising. They can’t simply go around and say, ‘We’re selling you this terrific product,’ and keep to themselves what they know about the possible impacts of those products on global warming,” Johnston said.

“The franchisee has to put on its gas station, ‘You’re creating global warming by buying my gas?’” Justice J.J. Kafker asked.

Johnston explained that Exxon would have a national and local obligation to warn its customers about the harm caused by climate change when they fill up.


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32 Comments on Massachusetts AG Maura Healey wants climate change warnings on gas pumps

  1. This warning should be on all politicians, bureaucrats, and judges:

    WARNING: This person will send armed agents to use lethal force against you if you do not obey him or otherwise get uppity.

  2. “…post warnings at the pump that say customers are spurring climate change by filling up their tanks.”

    Well, DUH! Most tanks get less than 5 MPG.

    She would do better to try to convince tank owners to switch to automobiles.


  3. Hey, let’s not scrimp! That warning should also be on airplanes, elevators, limos, buses, subway trains, trains, trucks, cars, boats, wildfires, volcanos, cows, air conditioners, furnaces, hair dryers, washers, dryers, stoves, trees, bonfires, grills,
    roads, politicians mouths etc, etc, etc!

  4. @jellybean the communist never get punished. I’m posting a article about a Doctor in California did to president trump . The doctor is a communist SOB.

  5. I like climate change, especially when it gets warmer. I doubt an advertising campaign for climate change would make me drive much more than I already do, though, as much as I would like to do so. Work prevents me from it.

  6. Healy has greaterpolitical ambitions then AG and is trying to broadenher name. She’s a political whore and nothing more.

  7. Of all the agonizing, sleep depriving responsibilities an Attorney General has to bare, this has to be right at the top? What an effin moron. She really doesn’t have anything better to do? Let me guess: She voted for Hillary, didn’t she.

  8. So? What’s wrong with her baking a bunch of cookies, and selling them on the sidewalk (I’m sure that won’t break any laws), to raise funds for stickers, that she wants to stick on gas pumps?

    Oh? She only brought a (hired) gun to the “negotiations”? Well, regardless of how I feel about Global Climate Something, Something, Dark Side, as we’ve seen (quite recently) there’s only one moral way, to ensure the Public’s current and future safety, in dealing with such people.

  9. And where is the other side of the argument? The one that says this is bullcrap? Or the one that says global warming increases crop production? Or all the fake computer models? Or changing ACTUAL recordings for what they want them to be? Or how mans worst pollution is a pittance compared to natures yet it somehow recovers? When is the damn michael mann case going to end?

  10. @geoff the aardvark: Are you sure everybody farts? I just can’t picture Melania Trump doing that. Or if she does poot, it probably smells like baby powder, or sweet, like new-mown clover.

    Ya know?


  11. Libstains are psychotic. Global Klimate Krishna is their eco-psycho doomsday cult. Cultists like this bint really just need a rubber room and maybe intermittent shock therapy until they return to sanity.
    It’s critically important for DJT to get REAL scientists inserted at NOAA and GISS to put an end to this nonsense.

  12. Man, do I ever feel like a fool. All this time I was thinking the answer to cleaning up the air was technological improvements. And now I find out all those problems can be solved by putting up stickers? Doh….

  13. Shouldn’t Teslas instead bear labels about third world Lithium mining and the danger of the batteries’ explosive flammability?


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