Massachusetts: Braintree PD Asks That You ‘Hold Off’ On Crime This Weekend Due To ‘Extreme Heat’


[…] Instead, police provided alternatives: “Stay home, blast the AC, binge Stranger Things season 3, play with the face app, practice karate in your basement. We will all meet again on Monday when it’s cooler.” more

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  1. These morons should have done just the opposite, posting the following: “Any arrest made during the heat wave will result in the detained person housed in a cell block that is not air conditioned.”

  2. Such sensitive, caring chaps on that Braintree PD.

    I can see the SJW’s trying to make this a national movement, eventually including cold days, snowy days, rainy days, cool days, cloudy days, partly cloudy days, all national and state holidays, Stalin’s Birthday, and numerous new holidays, such as National Cookie Dough Day and National Unicorn Day.

  3. Jail has AC right?

    I knew an old fashioned country doctor who covered the county jail. He declared the jail would not be air conditioned until every tax payer in the county had AC.

  4. Local bad guys-
    we’ve got your back, now hands up, the phone the watch the wallet, yeah and that badge.

  5. Braintree PD to local thugs, “We advise you hold off until Monday to commit any breaking and entering burglaries planned for this weekend. It’s to dangerous right now.

    There’s a higher probability the homes wont be empty, the home owners will be home chillin in the a/c and they might shoot your punk azzes. Or you might end up shooting theirs, instantly transforming yourself from being a common low-life punk-ass thief to being a killer, and be charged for murder instead of a simple B & E charge, if caught.

    Please keep this in mind – there’s a big difference between doing 2 months in county vs life with no parole in Bay State Correctional. Or being dead.”

  6. The Braintree PD announces free transportation to Baltimore via Air-Conditioned Coach.

    “Visit this beautiful waterfront city, replete with neighborhoods of color, where the Mayor assures you the ‘space’ to do yo bidness without hassles from the PoPo….., for a limited time only!”


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