Massachusetts Making More Off Pot Than Booze

Marijuana Moment

Massachusetts is officially collecting more tax revenue from marijuana than alcohol, state data shows.

As of December 2021, the state took in $51.3 million from alcohol taxes and $74.2 million from cannabis at the halfway point of the fiscal year.

Overall, Massachusetts has seen $2.54 billion in adult-use marijuana purchases since the market came online in November 2018. Regulators first reported that the state achieved the $2 billion sales milestone in September. More

7 Comments on Massachusetts Making More Off Pot Than Booze

  1. Kinda’ over weed. On my abortive ski trip I wound up buying a couple hundred dollars in fireworks.

    Totally love blowing schtuff up.

    Kids, stay away from weed and head straight for explosives. You’ll never (have time to) regret it.

  2. Wine industry here in California has taken a big hit due to people switching to recreational pot. IIRC, Newsom gave pot dispensaries a tax break recently due to competition with underground growers and sellers. Everyone knew that would happen. Years ago it wasn’t unusual to see someone drinking and driving, nowadays, it’s not unusual to see someone toking and driving down the road.

  3. I tried a legal hemp derived Delta8 product and it doesn’t get you a high in the classic sense, but it does help with pain a bit and give you positive vibes. It is quite enjoyable.

  4. This is because all the Massachusettes people drive to New Hampshire for the tax free booze. They get their pot in state and go out for the alcohol. Vans with New York plates and blocked windows fill up with cases upon cases of Hennessey all the time as well. Makes you wonder why they don’t just change their own regulations, idiots.

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