Massachusetts Prosecutors Drop Kevin Spacey Sex Assault Case


BOSTON (Reuters) – Massachusetts prosecutors on Wednesday dropped a criminal case accusing former “House of Cards” star Kevin Spacey of sexually assaulting an 18-year-old man at a Nantucket bar in 2016 after the alleged victim refused to testify.

Prosecutors said they made the decision to drop the felony indecent assault and battery charge against the Oscar winner after the alleged victim invoked his right under the U.S. Constitution against giving self-incriminating testimony.

Spacey’s lawyers had previously accused the man of deleting text messages that would support his defense. The man invoked his Fifth Amendment rights during a hearing earlier this month concerning the whereabouts of his cell phone, which was missing.

A lawyer for Spacey, 59, did not respond to requests for comment.

Spacey, who has won two Oscars, including the best actor Academy Award in 2000 for his role in “American Beauty,” had pleaded not guilty to the charge. His lawyers had called the allegations “patently false.”

Mitchell Garabedian, the accuser’s lawyer, said in a statement that his client had “shown an enormous amount of courage under difficult circumstances.”

The case’s filing last year marked one of the relatively rare criminal prosecutions of the #MeToo era, which has seen mostly women reveal widespread patterns of sexual harassment and abuse in entertainment, business and politics.

The allegations emerged after another actor accused Spacey of trying to seduce him three decades ago when he was 14, leading Netflix to drop Spacey from “House of Cards,” and to his scenes being edited out of the film “All the Money in the World.”

Spacey first became embroiled in controversy in October 2017 when actor Anthony Rapp accused him of trying to seduce him in 1986, when Rapp was 14. Spacey apologized for his inappropriate conduct with Rapp. more

9 Comments on Massachusetts Prosecutors Drop Kevin Spacey Sex Assault Case

  1. And the same goes for the dozens of other victims? A wealthy homosexual predator can just dismiss the petty legal annoyances and continue on the hunt.
    Next up= Epstein walks on a technicality. The predator network is deeply interwoven in every corner of society.

  2. Spacey, who has won two Oscars, including the best actor Academy Award in 2000 for his role in “American Beauty,”

    Gee Wally, that’s all the credibility you need to know right there…

    No kiddin Beave, book him Dano!

  3. … the prosecutors then immediately retired to a small island in the Caribbean, ONCE visited by Bil Clinton… 26 times… 😡

  4. One of Spacey’s earliest roles was in Blazing Saddles. When he was asked why he said Rape twice, Spacey replied, “I like rape!”

  5. Amazing, how this turn of events developed..I’m guessing…, that Kevin Spacey was wearing his “F’..”U”, cuff links..


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