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Massie Family Christmas

Red State

It’s the time of year again when people start sending out their family Christmas cards.

Rep. Thomas Massie of Kentucky is no exception. The jovial Republican congresscritter, who sometimes likes to slap on the “Sassy Massie” hashtag when communicating with fellow conservatives on the Twitters, shared on Saturday what appears to be his family gathered around “O Tannenbaum” — but with a slight twist. More

Reuters is probably off the Massie Christmas card list. Here

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  1. Some lefty responded that Massie really lowered the bar with this.
    His response: No, the BAR is under the sofa!

  2. I just got a Christmas Card from my congressman. He has a family photo with his trans husband, wearing his “I Love Che” T-shirt, a bag of Chinese Renminbi’s sitting on the coffee table, both sipping soy latte’s, a life-size picture of George Soros (with a halo) above the mantlepiece. Yeah, I live in California.

  3. My nephew got his 95 year old Grandma (my Mom) to pose sitting on the sofa with a 44 magnum revolver. She could barely hold it up, but the pose was fabulous!
    He took the photo to a Yankee candle shop and asked if they could put the image on a candle. The lady behind the counter said it was against policy, but….what the hell!
    He gave the candle to Grandma as a Christmas gift.

  4. Not one finger on the trigger. Love the M60, I trained people on that in the Army. The Thompson is nice too, wonder if it’s automatic as well. Can’t figure out what the young lady with the SMG is holding.

  5. I live next to a retired Navy SEAL; next to him is the President of the local gun club; next to him is a recently retired Air Force officer.

    We don’t have problems where I live – lots of polite neighbors.

  6. Rich Taylor

    You should relocate to El Dorado County. It’s still California as far as taxes and such, but not many Libtards here. McLintock is our Rep. He’s worthless, but he’s Republican.

  7. Brad, I’m getting the fuck out of this dumpster fire crapola state. I’ve got some loose ends to tie up first but the goal (fingers crossed) is to make my escape next year. But yeah, El Dorado is bank.

  8. This Christmas Card is making liberal heads explode….look at what CNN says about it if you can stand it.

    Liberals – fuckin’ weenie people.

  9. Rich Taylor
    Yea we are working are way out too. A monumental task with a business and a 96 year old mother in law.

  10. Hard to underrate a good man with belt-fed crew-served weapons.

    M60, when you need to reach out and touch someone….

  11. CNN: “But he’s asking for ammo after that horrendous Michigan school shooting.” Massey: “That’s so I can protect myself from school shooters.”

  12. I love my country community where you can hear gunfire regularly as neighbors hone their skills at their safe shooting ranges. Gives me that peaceful easy feeling!

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