Massive Explosion In Beirut, Lebanon

An Israeli account on Twitter says the explosion took place in a wharehouse associated with Hezbollah/Iran’s precision guided missile project

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  1. OMG. Pretty much says it all.
    Doesn’t really matter if Achmed was smoking a cigarette in a weapons stash, or a rival group of Muslim thugs set off the smaller initial fire, the blame will be put on Israel and the US.
    Even if they won’t accept them, I will still pray for the safety of the innocents

  2. Saw this on another site.
    “The airport is reporting moderate damage at 6 NM from ground zero. That suggests the explosion produced a blast with enough overpressure that it reached the airport at 1-3 psi, suggesting a yield equivalent to between 100 and 160 kilotons. To put it in perspective, the first nuke dropped on Japan had a yield equivalent to 15 kilotons of TNT.”

    That aint a fireworks plant.

  3. Wile E Coyote must have been the low bidder for the contract…Or maybe El Kabong-Goldberg?….

  4. Quote from a friend, former military:
    “That’s Sea Water being Sucked up into a Mushroom Cloud of Chemicals , that’s not Fireworks that’s a Massive amount of Weapons stored in the Cityscape of Beirut
    A UN tribunal is due to issue its verdict in the trial in absentia of four suspects in the murder by car bomb of Rafik Hariri In 2005.
    All four are members of the Iranian-backed Hezbollah group, which has consistently denied any role in Hariri’s death.
    The possible second explosion was reported to be at the Hariri residence in the city.”

    The building was clearly on fire before the explosion, so not likely a missile but quite possibly intentional.

  5. @ hanoverfist AUGUST 4, 2020 AT 3:39 PM

    Who the hell puts a fireworks plant in a populated area anyway?

  6. Fireworks Factory My Ass!?

    Anytime I’m looking for top quality fireworks I look for the “Made In Beirut” logo and seal of approval.

  7. “Somebody call the Ayatollah and give him the bad news about his fireworks.”

    “Achmed, call the Ayatollah!

    “I ain’t calling the Ayatollah! You call him!”

    “Hell no, I ain’t calling no Ayatollah!”

    “Sheite! He’s gonna BOOM-BOOM our ass with his new Chinese BOOM sticks!”

    “He’s too late. The Israelis just did.”

  8. Acme weapons security said there would be no spontaneous combustion. Unfortunately they were investigating the facility at the time of the explosion.

  9. Those videos are an excellent depiction of the difference between the speed of light and the speed of sound.
    You can see the shock wave of the explosion coming toward you long before you get knocked on your ass by the blast.

  10. Hmmm.
    When I hear of Muzzies blowing themselves up?

    It just makes me smile.

    If it’s other people who don’t kneel on rugs facing Mecca blowing up muzzies. I broadly
    grin, ear to ear.

  11. @Bad_Brad – interesting video. Doesn’t sound much like fireworks to me, though I am not an expert in all things, uh, fireworky?

    Maybe those with military training can identify the apparent ammo going off before the big one wiped out this loser. I think I am safe calling him a loser on two fronts:
    1. there probably isn’t enough of him in one piece to identify
    2. he was actually on site at a weapons lab, or whatever it was

  12. Sounds like ammo cooking off. If they had that much stuff to make that big of a blast, then this was a huge loss of capability for whoever ran that place. Someone should teach them proper explosive storage procedures. Also, I wasn’t anywhere near that area, this wasn’t my doing.

  13. I follow a couple contractors on Instagram that are in country. They seem to be really familiar with what’s going on. The scuttle butt is some force, probably us, confiscated a ship load of “Sodium Nitrate Materials” and that’s what ultimately went up. The big explosion was much closer to the water apparently than the initial fire and explosion. Any way, they’re saying it was the Israelis.

    On Instagram, tfblack. He’s a bad mofo and good with a carbina and posts his carnage. It’s usually pulled in about an hour but the guy, and his pals, are informative about what’s going on over there. Obviously this is still developing.

  14. Friends, Google:


    THOSE were fireworks with plenty of residual fireworks going off after the main event.

    Any thoughts SNS?
    You most likely have the most knowledge in this area?

  15. @Kcir – this happened almost a month ago. Some of the stories say SW China, but Guanghan is near Chengdu and is really south-central. Regardless, the fact that any videos got out is surprising. Normally, the government is not willing to let people know when something goes kablooey (bad for the image, doncha know)

    It was never a big story on Chinese news either, according to my friends in the country. Various reports say 6 people were injured. Yup, and Wuhan Flu was started in a US lab…

  16. We know the muslims aren’t responsible for this. They adhere to a peaceful religion. It must be the Russians. Or maybe the Chinese. Or it even could have been white supremacists. Yeah, that’s the ticket. White supremacists.

  17. The one thing that is for sure is that they must not admit any of these victims to the hospital. They must save hospital beds for all the covid 19 victims that the models say will be coming in.

  18. Reading about A N F 0 and such, that red smoke is most likely nitrogen oxides resulting from incomplete ignition. That explosion wasn’t even as strong as it could have been.

  19. >>Sodium nitrate appears as a white crystalline solid. Noncombustible but accelerates the burning of combustible materials. If large quantities are involved in fire or the combustible material is finely divided an explosion may result. May explode under prolonged exposure to heat or fire. Toxic oxides of nitrogen are produced in fires. Used in solid propellants, explosives, fertilizers, and for many other uses.<<

  20. Looks like Marvin the Martian found his Illudium PU236 Explosive Space Modulator. That was one hell of an Earth shattering KABOOM!

  21. The smaller stuff was ammo or smaller warheads cooking off. The finally was when it reached the larger stuff. Some Iran supported dick heads just lost a lot of fire power. Hopefully it took a lot of the with it. I really feel sorry for the people killed or injured in the collateral damage. Lebanon use to be a beautiful country until radical Islam showed up.

  22. “An Israeli account on Twitter says the explosion took place in a wharehouse associated with Hezbollah/Iran’s precision guided missile project”

    That’s a shame…

  23. Trump said it could have been a bomb. It that part of the world, that is preliminary thought most of us would have.

    But then the Madcow comes on TV and wags her hoof at Trump and says “what a terrible thing to say”. To the media, mid-east terrorists are great people who are forced to do “things” out of oppression by Israel.

  24. They are saying it was a shipload of ammonium nitrate stored in a warehouse. There was something wrong with the ship, so the dummies stored it and apparently forgot about it. There are reports of some welding being done in the area prior to the explosion.

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