Massive Las Vegas sportsbook loss — on Korean and Chinese baseball?

Fox News

The nearly quarter-million dollars in winning wagers reportedly placed at MGM Resorts last Sunday might be the largest sportsbook loss in Las Vegas history on bets made after an event has started. More

10 Comments on Massive Las Vegas sportsbook loss — on Korean and Chinese baseball?

  1. Chinese as in Taiwan.

    Those are the cool kids who started their season with a bench clearing brawl. So much for covid.

    Also, I only bet on the Rakuten Monkeys.

  2. Well, when you remove all of the competing betting sports, that makes it pretty easy to manipulate what is left. No sympathy here.

    Gambling ranks down there with playing the lottery in addictive behavior..

  3. My husband’s father worked as a dealer in Las Vegas for many years during the 50s through the 70s. He always called it an “upholstered sewer” and I have to agree with him.

  4. Oh, BTW, I said ranks “DOWN” there as in down there in the sewer level, not down there in ranking of signifigance .

  5. Capitalizing on the mistakes of others is how many big rollers got their bankroll to become bigtime.

    There’s a young stock daytrader in Japan that is HUGE money and he made his first big bucks when there was a fucked up offer on a stock that was a tiny fraction of the real price and he bought as much as he could and made a mint. And to his astonishment, the regulators did not reverse the trade and take it away from him.

    I daytraded at a daytrading firm for a few years and the standard practice in the fuckups is that when the dealers on wall st lose because they made a mistake quote, the regulators reverse the trade and take the profits away from the little guy. But when a little guy fucks up a bid or offer, he can forget about it being reversed for him. He’s just outa luck. That’s the way it works on wall st.


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