Massive MAGA Rally in Wildwood, New Jersey! – IOTW Report

Massive MAGA Rally in Wildwood, New Jersey!

Conservative Treehouse: Tonight President Trump travels to Wildwood, New Jersey to hold a campaign rally with tens-of-thousands of supporters.  For two days thousands of rally goers have been camped out to show their support as an impeachment debate continues in Washington, DC.

The venue is the Wildwood Convention Center which has a max capacity of 25,000 and there will be jumbo-screens for simulcast outside the venue.  An incredible turnout. Links

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  1. How can you not LOVE this guy?
    “The first stage in the corruption of morals is the banishment of truth …”
    Michel de Montaigne

  2. As the rally crowds get larger and larger, the democrats double down on their contempt for the attendees.
    Any sensible democrat, if even ONE remains, knows that they are prattling on in a rage against a 50 state landslide.
    There will be a paucity of yard signs and bumperstickers. Who needs the aggravation?

    We, the people, will quietly take care of business. That is all.

  3. another great PDT rally

    great to see all those enthusiastic women behind him, cheering away. that’s gotta give the D’rats massive heart-burn

    they’re losing the women, they’re losing the blacks, the hispanics, asians … even a lot of millennials are drifting to him because many now have decent paying jobs due to his economic policies

    fewer & fewer people are falling for the politics of division

  4. Even more bad news for the jackasses, over 40% of people who attend rallies are Democrats according Trumps data man.

  5. I actually had to choke back guffawing today as I overheard a NY carpetbagger in my office explain that Hillary lost the election because Podesta fell for an email phishing scam.

    Didn’t burst out laughing but I did snort/giggle.

    Nothing to do with ben ghazi.
    Nothing to do with her enabling her sexual predator husband.
    Nothing to do with her role in the obama sending 100s of billions to arch enemy Iran.
    Nothing to do with her assumption that Michigan and Wisconsin were in the bag and she didn’t need to bother to campaign there.

    The reasons she lost are multitudinous.

    Feel free to add.

  6. All great comments, I live only almost three hours north and 175 miles away but I can still feel the warmth and amazing vibes. This is as close as it gets when it comes to rallies BUT that said I can waltz into The Trump Tower with a SMILE on any given day(off) when I get down into NYC. Plan on going in early November for a party!!

    Would have loved to have road tripped it, but would have been too CRAZY!


  7. The commies have to be soiling themselves. Everything they do drives more citizens to Trump. It’s beautiful to see.

  8. I’m trying to imagine what would happen if they actually did find him guilty and remove him from office.
    Do they actually think that the american people are just going to accept it?
    They’re really playing with fire on this one.
    Go ahead, we dare you!

  9. President Trump has made a connection to the people of this country that I haven’t seen by any other in my lifetime.
    He’s actually doing what people have been asking for their entire life.
    This has to terrify the politicians, all of them!

  10. gin blossom…..

    i think that would mean a mike pence presidency for the rest of the year, and trump back in office in january…

    …..which would mean he could run again in 2024, because he would not have served two consecutive terms……..

    keeping my fingers crossed…. 🙂


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