Massive sinkhole in downtown Ottawa, Canada A massive sinkhole near Parliament in Ottawa caused a gas leak, knocked out power and forced crews to evacuate nearby businesses including the Rideau Centre on Wednesday.

The sinkhole appeared near a construction site at the corner of Rideau Street and Sussex Drive. A van parked nearby fell in the hole as it grew but officials confirm there have been no reported injuries.

Officials from the City of Ottawa said that it is “too soon” to know the cause.


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  1. Oh. I thought it was an article about Justin Trudeau. I misread the headline as “Massive Asshole in Downtown Ottawa, Canada.”

    Must. Drink. Coffee.

  2. Look at the pictures and figure out the intersection.

    You have to merge around the median, can’t make a U-turn, can’t make a right turn, all the while presented with a do not enter sign on top of a double(?) stop light, and all words are written twice for their two languages.

    I would need to stop at this intersection for at least a minute to figure out what can and can’t be done, as cameras are certainly all over. Geezlus, Canada.

  3. Speaking off topic about signs, someone please help me figure this one out: There’s an intersection not far from me near a mall that has short right turn lanes and they fill up fast from the mall traffic and block an intersection further down the road. Where the right turn only lane sign is posted, another sign next to it reads, “Right on red strictly enforced.” Does that mean you have to turn right on red, does it mean you need to make a proper full stop before turning, or does it mean you can’t turn right on red at all? This wording screws up traffic more than if there were no sign at all.

  4. @eternal cracker p, it is poorly worded, but it likely means “no right turn on red signal”. Normally, you can obviously make a right turn on a red, so there is no signage. They city idiots must love sluggish traffic, blocked intersections and infuriating drivers.

  5. @Conservative Cowgirl, that was my original thinking, yet everyone makes the right on red. Those who don’t get blasted with horns by other drivers because it really screws everything up with a long line of cars. What’s more, when I do an Internet search for the actual meaning, there are no search results. It’s like a one-off piece of shit sign. Must find a cop to ask.

  6. @eternal cracker p, you’re not in Commiefornia, right? That sign sounds odd, indeed. You could just call the non-emergency phone number for your local PD and if whoever answers doesn’t know, ask to speak to an officer in the traffic division. That’s a bad sign if it is causing a lot of confusion!


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