‘Massive spike’ in gun and ammunition sales as FBI background checks break May record


Gun sales and FBI background checks on purchasers soared in May, which recorded the third-highest level of checks ever in the 22-year history of the federal system.

According to the FBI, there have already been more than 15 million background checks this year, used mostly for legal sales, putting the country on a pace to break last year’s all-time high of 28 million checks in the National Instant Criminal Background Check System.

May’s 3,091,455 background checks was the highest for any May recorded. March was the highest month on record, at 3,740,688. more

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  1. As I said in another thread, I bought a Colt 38 super today. I’ve got a bunch of other 1911s, but I always wanted that colt. Put about 40 rounds through it at the range, a fine weapon.

  2. Those who brought about the first civil war had no idea what they were unleashing. They had a false sense of control. The rest of the country had no idea what was being started. They had a false sense of security. A lot of people seem to understand this time.

  3. I hope they use them to defend themselves against antifa and blm. Not for hunting deer.

  4. Antifa and BLM are only the culturally-rotten agents of the Soros arm of the Deep State. They’re small time potatoes.

    Our weapons will be needed in Phase II against the Communist-controlled government itself. Why do you think they’re trying everything to oust Trump now? If Trump is re-elected, we buy time to defeat them and keep our arms holstered.

  5. At least during MLK’s time, the message was peaceful and intelligent.

    What is the message now? Kill Whitey? Rape, pillage, plunder?

    For us on the RIGHT side, we get it: We’re buying more guns and ammo.

    You are helping to build the Trump 2020 landslide, and for that, we thank you.

  6. JDHasty, per you 2nd post, I loved hearing the dude saying “I can’t breathe”…

    You don’t say?!

  7. Interesting. This is new. The twenty something’s next door are shooting rifles right now. They must have made a recent trip to a gun store. Their Dad, a hippy happy ski bum.

    As long as they aren’t wearing black and backpacks and don’t aim at our house I’ll let it go but it’s scaring my cats! Boom!!😆

  8. I already have more than I can carry…

    Ooops! Pulled a Joey Biden! I don’t have any firearms of any sort.

  9. @BobM ~ “So the Anqueefers wanna come attack suburbanites, eh?”

    I’m about 60 miles outside of DC (the ‘sticks’ of Larryland). the local ‘lib’ churches (Catholic, Unitarian, Methodist, the usual ‘food bank’ suspects) decided, along w/ the local black churches to hold a ‘justice for George’ rally, along w/ our Sheriff’s support & attendance. about 30 Antifa showed up, promptly started smashing a sheriff deputy’s car & tried to set it on fire. the Sheriff didn’t take too kindly to that & brought out the tear gas & rubber bullets … stopped that shit in it’s tracks

    be warned … this keeps up & it’s coming to us all

    Ammo Up!!!

  10. @JD I saw a tweet that mentioned a stack of bricks at Alderwood Mall in Lynnwood. Can’t find much else. Nothing on the local news so far. 🤷‍♀️

  11. Rick
    I’ve always wanted a Delta Elite. I passed up a pretty clean one a bout a year ago. Should have picked it up.
    Mean while I have an SP-01 on order but I placed the order about the day the Kung Flu shit started and apparently CZ shut down it’s production line and is still trying to catch up.

  12. I don’t know what MJA is looking at, but I think I’d like to own a Bad_Brad built AR….It would be the last piece in my nik nak collection…..

  13. I don’t know quite yet, but 9mm was suggested to me.
    But I know a person who I’m going to ask to take me to a range to figure all that out.

  14. That’s the best ting to do, MJA. Go to the range. And go often. Train.

    My wife loves a Taurus .357. Loves it. But can’t hit a fucking thing with it. Always shoots low, anticipating recoil.

    She can hit a softball at 100 yards with a Lee Enfield.

    Go figure?

  15. The learning curve is very steep. But honesty is a real problem. And I’m not saying Jennifer is dishonest… she’s perfectly honest. And perfectly deluded.

    Practice. Practice. Practice.

  16. Yeah yeah yeah, are the right wingers who always say, “If there is a civil war, we have all the guns, we’d win easily” going to meet them on the field of battle now that it’s started?

    No. Just get their cars burned and windows smashed. Best time in 50 years (no police presence) to bring it to the commies.

    Go ahead and hoard weapons, you’ll never use them.

  17. MJA

    Quite often the problem with pistols (semi autos) for women is they can’t physically slide the slide back. I would go to the gun store and ask to see a Smith and Wesson Shield in 9mm and try sliding and locking the slide back. I think I just read Springfield has a new pistol out specifically designed for women with a drastically reduced recoils spring so it’s easy for women to slide the slide back. I’ll find out who exactly is making that pistol and let you know what it is. And yes, 9mm.
    Our neighbor had to go with a wheel gun. She couldn’t get the hang of the slide. She ended up with a Ruger SP101. Nice gun, and she shoots it well, just doesn’t have the capacity.

  18. Middle of everywhere update….The black angus bulls that tore down the fence are separated and trying to get laid…they seem happy….Bill Freizners brush pile was contained and burned out. He continues to have his favorite chickens live in his house with him and built a fence to keep his dogs in. He had his female dog spade, so he won’t have 8 dogs a year to get rid of….the coffee shop is still closed, but a catering truck from 40 miles away comes here every Tuesday. The food is actually really good, but I can’t talk them into a breakfast burrito. I haven’t had a good breakfast burrito for 5 years that I didn’t’ make myself…..The bank is back open yet the post office still has a plastic shield in the office and Postmaster Bob refuses to wear the mask I made for him. It’s just a huge toothy smile for gods sake….Rabbits fucking without facemasks, wren housing is at full occupancy, Cardinals in the evergreens…..That said, I’m keenly aware of any potential rioting….Be safe….

  19. MJA

    I should add, if you rack the slide on that Shield like it’s no big deal then you should really look at a Glock 19.
    My youngest sons girl friend ended up with one and she has no issue with the slide and shoots the hell out of it.

  20. @ Bad_Brad JUNE 1, 2020 AT 11:13 PM

    I had a Double Eagle in 10mm and a Smith 1066. The DE ended up with a buddy and the 1066 with an ex girl friend. It’s a smoking hot semi auto round. My late buddy, Bob Gideon had the world’s premier Detonic collection. They made a tough 45 case, they called it the 451 Detonics that was pretty damn hot too. I think Elgin Gates was in on that. He was a good friend of Bob.

    Bob’s Detonics http://detonicscollector.com/detonics.html

    I liked to go shooting with Bob, he let me shoot his pistols all I wanted.

    Bob also was a collector of Automags. He was one of the world’s foremost authorities on Automags. And a true American hero.

    Col Robert Gideon, USAF Retired, was a 1939 graduate of West Point and was the 450th Bomb Group Vice-Commander, and later Commander, in Italy during WWII.

    And a rock solid conservative.

  21. The slide on the S&W Shield is a bit too much for my wife. So much so that it is now mine. Her hands seem to be a bit arthritic. She isn’t as comfortable with a revolver because they are not as flat so it seems unnecessarily bulky. What she would like is something that fits in the palm of her hand, easy slide to pull back, knock down power of a 45, with little or no kick on firing. I’ve told her as soon as I see something like that I’m buying two.

  22. JDHasty

    I remember Detonics. They were kind of the prototype for high end 1911 companies like Wilson Combat. Detonics pistols are selling for a pretty good chunk of change if they’re in good condition.
    Speaking on 10mm, remember Dornis and Dixon? Bren 10. I was all set to buy one of those when they started running out of mags. Well there was one on consignment at a gun shop we sell to the other day. What an ugly gun. I can’t believe I was thinking about buying one.

  23. They are hideous.

    That DE was really a great gun for us. Nobody else liked it though. They only made them a couple years.

    We got a Delta Elite through our wholesale end for a great customer who owned a leather work/gun shop in Federal Way. One day a guy came through the front door blazing away, he had foam ear plugs in and packing a pot metal blowback 380. I think it was called Bryco. There was a cop in the shop who got off only one shot from his Glock 17. He limp waisted it and it jammed. The owner of the shop got off two shots, two inches apart, right through the heart, out through the glass front door and blew the front and rear glass out of the dead shitbag’s car.

    He was a steel shooter, and a damn good one. Lightning fast.

  24. “Go ahead and hoard weapons, you’ll never use them.”

    An unthoughtful, ignorant comment.

    My friends and relatives will not go unarmed because of my collection. I’ve already supplied two of them with “loaners” until they find their own. IF they can find or afford their own.

    Very selfish and small-minded to think your collection is just for yourself. If you’re planning on being a lone wolf – you’re not planning very well at all.

    If you ARE a lone wolf with no friends or family to have your back – you need to step your game up at living life or move to a mountain somewhere. Good luck with what all comes with that.

    P.S. No one gets my 10mms as loaners. They aint ready for that or they would have one already. G20 and G29. Crimson Trace grip for the 29. I know I won’t be looking down any sights if it’s hammer time.

  25. joe6pak

    You better take her down and let her rack one or you may end up with two. I wonder if they’re special order?

  26. Listening to a police scanner app for Baltimore.
    The asshole Dem Mayor is clueless and racist.
    He refused to put in a curfew and about 11:30 PM
    things started to heat up fast. They are about 700
    cops short because the ones who could retire got
    the hell out after the Freddy Gray, suicide by stupid
    debacle. 12:46 now. Still hot but only boiling in a
    few choice spots where the high end stores are being looted.
    This stuff is now expected everywhere near the Dem run hellholes. Of course people are arming when they now know
    the cops will be pulled out to give the scum “room to destroy”

  27. Seattle has officially become a riot.
    The police are chasing someone in a Dodge Charger who stole an AR15, shots fired. Local Seattle stations are showing prime time shows and not the riot.

  28. JDHasty

    Those old steel challenge shooter were fun to watch. Fast out of the holster and they could transition like nobodies biz. That league was started in California and as the gun laws got progressively worse they moved it to Florida. I guess it died there. I wish they’d bring it back. I’d like to start shooting dome IDPA. I ordered an SP-01 for it. Time might be an issue. I shot a couple 3 gun matches. That sucks. You shoot 2 times and sit around the rest of the day.

  29. Illustr8r

    That’s crazy. We don’t have any ANTIFA yet (that we know about) but we have the National Guard

  30. Things have calmed down but they are still looking for the guy with the gun. They have video of him. All wrapped up so you can’t see his face, fist raised and joined by a guy waving a trumpet.

    They’ll be at it again tomorrow I guess. Curfew is 5pm? It’s 11pm and they are still marching. Good grief.

  31. Never shot steel, but did fairly well on bowling pins. My buddy shot at a local range once and set a club record, I thought he was going to take it up, but didn’t. He is a pretty decent shot, but not much for match shooting.

    I was an AAClass trap shooter and have a couple State shoot belt buckles. I shot small bore silhouette or high power matches when there wasn’t a big shoot in the northwest. I am an anomaly, most trap shooters who are worth a damn will not think about shooting rifle or pistol matches because they are trigger slippers. They don’t want to screw up their shotgun shooting. I was lightning fast, but never slapped the trigger. I think that came from offhand shooting prairie dogs and such with a rifle when I was young. I learned to have pressure on the trigger until it looked/felt right and let my shot go. When you shoot a couple thousand rounds in a week you get pretty well trained in trigger control. When I was shooting trap competition I shot a thousand rounds, more or less, every week. Since my trigger action was not any different I could transition between disciplines. I have two buddies who were on the Air Force squad, they couldn’t figure out how I could do both and compete at a high level in trap and be competitive enough to win a few with rifle and pistol.

    I shot some bullseye, but my Smith 52 got stolen and I gave my 45 to a friend. I still have my Smith 41, but usually it has a 5” field barrel and Herrett field grips on it now and rides in a holster when I an prairie dog or rockchuck shooting.

    I won a fair share with rifle and pistol, and that is super rare for an AA Class trap shooter to be competitive. They usually are fair to middling game shots with a rifle, but that is about it.

    All I did was shoot when I was in my 20s and 30s. I shot all the time.

    I don’t know if I am any good now. I haven’t shot competition in twenty years. Everybody is a crack shot when no one is keeping score. I’m probably decent. I just cannot get the motivation to do any match shooting. I always preferred hunting anyway.

  32. MJA

    S&W makes the Shield 9EZ. Tried one and it’s easy to rack but I personally think it has too many safeties. Brad is right that you should look at a G19.

    Recently had “experience” with the Springfield Hellcat, it’s a great little high capacity pistol but has a very strong slide spring. Fabulous for concealment but THE night stand gun is by far the G19. I uh, would keep a GLOCK 19 with a Streamlight or Surefire light on my night stand any day. 🙂 At least I would have enough ammo to get to a gun cabinet that was a few feet away for some serious firepower should the need arise.

    Right now it’s getting hard to get any sort of home defense weapon, best get cracking.

  33. May saw a big spike in gun sales?

    With all the Antifa & BLM domestic terrorists rioting, looting and burning, I predict that June will see the highest gun sales ever. EVER. Double the previous all-time high is my bet.

  34. JDHasty

    “All I did was shoot when I was in my 20s and 30s. I shot all the time.”

    Me too. Mainly pistol or revolver, all Weaver, all the time. It’s been a tough ordeal changing from Weaver. Talk about muscle memory. And you can’t be competitive shooting Weaver.


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