Maternity Leave: He can stay home

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While hundreds of thousands of shipping containers wait aboard bottlenecked ships at America’s ports, our Transportation Secretary spent the last two months on maternity leave.

Yup. Pete Buttigieg and his spouse Chastity … Charity? Chastened? Whatever the hell his name is … had twins in August. Okay, they didn’t have the babies. The woman they paid to get pregnant actually gave birth to them. Though, that didn’t stop Pete and Chastity … Charity? Chastened? … from posing on a hospital bed as if one of them actually went through the labor. more here

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  1. Postpartum depression without even having given birth.

    Silly assholes, kids are not teacup poodles that shit 2 times a day on command and can be walked by your immigrant underpaid domestic slaves that you PRETEND to understand & identify with.

    Now, once again, about the boats…

  2. C’mon, man! Pumping two gallons of breast milk every day really wears a guy out! You shouldn’t expect him back to work ’til those bastard children are legal adults.

  3. The picture those 2 clowns put out all over the interwebs said it all. Showing the “mother” in hospital attire as if HE had actually given birth. Those poor children don’t realize what a horrible, fucked up existence they will grow up in. It will be a constant diet of how oppressed “mommy & daddy” are because the are gay. The children will be totally brainwashed before they even have their first day of school. After that, they will grow up to be victims just like “mommy & daddy” were. Hence, Democrat voters for life.

  4. Hey Joe*. Perhaps, with the ports all backed up while lipstick Buttigieg is otherwise occupied, perhaps it’s time to make a personnel adjustment.

    Or you can ruin everyone’s Christmas.

    You’re the man, right?

  5. billyhall2546

    You spelled Human ass licking incorrectly sir. <;)


  6. Tired of their charades—

    Liberals are phony, unrealistic, fake, monotonous, plum full of BULLSHIT, sickening, pathetic, multi-layered pieces of absolute shit.

    Worst of all, they want US to accept their undeniable profusion of retched, Satanic, abysmal, fictitious claptrap.

  7. Maternity leave – really? The simpering poofs have an Au Pair or a live-in nanny along with maid and laundry service. Maybe they spend an hour or two a day “bonding” with the babies. Whoop-de-f’n-doo.

  8. Ok, gotta rant here for a moment. Feel free to skip.

    That picture of those two guys pissed me off in an extraordinary manner … and it’s not because they are gay because I could not care less about that. What got my goat was the two of them sitting in a hospital bed, grinning like one of them had just pushed out approximately 12 lbs of babies.

    Here’s the thing: stop grabbing women’s glory. Stop pretending like you have just hauled around 25+ pounds of baby and fluid for nine months. Stop pretending you “understand” what we go through – you have no clue. Between the screaming hormones, weight gain, our bodies spreading, the inability to gracefully get out of a chair, and so much more then to top it off, the big show of childbirth – so much fun!

    That picture really set me off. You want a picture with your newborn? Fine, sit in the chair or stand behind the bassinet and have someone take your picture because the only thing you did to contribute to the birthing process was donate sperm and I apologize to all of those good dads out there, you know this is not about you.

    And while I’m reloading, stop going to baby showers, it makes you look weak. When did this become a thing? These events, as well as bridal showers, USED to be known as “hen parties”. Take back your testosterone and politely refuse to attend.

    Sorry, guys, this just had to be said. Again, apologies to those good men who would never try to co-opt the birthing process.

  9. Well these two buttfuckers proved the point that woman are only paid incubators! They will murder or sell their sluffed off cells without looking back and then brag about it!


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