Math is racist, or whatever

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Brooklyn College Math Professor: 2+2=4 ‘Reeks of White Supremacist Patriarchy’.

It now seems that basic math, like history, and pretty much all of reality itself, is racist and reeks of white supremacy.  On Sunday, Breitbart reported that Laurie Rubel, a professor of math education at Brooklyn College, argued on Twitter that 2+2=4 “reeks of white supremacist patriarchy” on Twitter. more here

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  1. That person should live in a house & drive a car engineered and Mafed by her students.

    Her bank should be staffed by her students and her pension fund should be invested by her students.

  2. …but, but, but, “Obama” said Muslims invented algebra.

    Does that mean Muslims be rayciss and sheeeat?

    “Obama: It was innovation in Muslim communities that developed the order of algebra; our magnetic compass and tools of navigation; our mastery of pens and printing; our understanding of how disease spreads and how it can be healed.”

    …c’mon, we need to know if we’re supposed to hate that White man, Mohammad, and start buring mosques down for rayyyycism…

    For the purpose of making Islam attractive to black people, and to support that Islam is the natural religion of Africans – in contrast to Christianity as the religion of the slavers (cf. Christianity, Islam and Slavery) – some have claimed that Muhammad was a black (African) man. This has no factual basis.

    Muhammad enslaved people, owned and sold slaves, including several black slaves.
    Muhammad was neither black nor African:
    white thigh, Sahih Bukhari 1.367,
    white armpit, Sahih Bukhari 2.141,
    white man, Sahih Bukhari 1.63, 2.122, 4.744,
    rosy color, Sahih Bukhari 4.747 & 748”

    …even if they DO kill US, they’re just going to eat each other in the end…

  3. Time to bring back the time honored practice of bitch slapping and start using it on all these frustrated, angry, democrat, commie twats like this so-call math professor and all her comrades male and female. Use it teach basic math to these turds: Two slaps one side of the fact + 2 slaps to the other side of the face = equals 4 slaps. That’ll learn ’em.

    All the proof needed why we need to abolish and defund most of these Marxist colleges and universities is on display here.

    Ever notice how butt ugly the vast majority of these democrat commie women are? They seem so bitter and unhappy. I wonder why?

  4. Math Problem:

    Dwayne needs to sell 12 rocks to whitey but only has 8.

    How many domes does his sistah Shatiqua have to blow to get enough money t for Dwayne to buy the missing rock from DeShawn and have some enough left over the evening?

    Part b: What should Shatiqua’s cut be for doing the knee work?

    Part c: What If Shatiqua don’t do no cheap Ho rock (aka Hail) and want to be paid in uncut Rail.

    Sho Yo Work Muther fucka.

  5. Only half of the people on twitter believing math is racist isn’t enough. Retweet so we can get it up to 50%.

  6. If this isn’t enough to push educated blacks over to conservatism and Donald Trump, I don’t know what is. Just the very underlying assumption that blacks are too ignorant to learn math – and thus need yet another excuse to blame for their socio-economic standing – is more racist than any dumbass skinhead marching on the street could ever be

  7. “It was innovation by white Christians in Muslim communities that developed the order of algebra; our magnetic compass and tools of navigation; our mastery of pens and printing; our understanding of how disease spreads and how it can be healed.”

  8. can someone explain to me how always and I mean always, the nuttier the idiot is on the left and the stupider things they come up with ALWAYS LEADS TO A BUTT UGLY PERSON WHO CLEARLY HAS NEVER GOTTEN LAID BY A MEMBER OF THE OPPOSITE SEX?

  9. burner
    AUGUST 11, 2020 AT 8:11 AM


    …I was quoting the illegal Indonesian fake president, real muslim Barry Soetoro, not agreeing with him.

    Muslims never invented anything but blasphemy and misery for the entire human race.

    .. Point is, since Barry said it, lezzie “professor” HAS to accept it, which tears her whole house of cards down since it’s racist for her to NOT uncritically accept what a Black man says AND racist for her to NOT uncritically accept what a Muslim says, all the while ignoring the fact that Islam is NOT a race and Mohammad by Islam’s OWN words was both White AND a dealer in Black slaves because that doesn’t fit the story they want to tell…

    …see, they have to tell THEMSELVES lie after lie after lie to keep this up.

    Maybe that’s part of the reason they’re all crazy.

    …and also part of the reason they can’t remember Math, no room for it in storage when they have to constanly rotate fake “facts” in and out all the time to keep up with the trends in what today’s “truth” is supposed to be…

  10. Junius
    AUGUST 11, 2020 AT 7:42 AM

    “…Ever notice how butt ugly the vast majority of these democrat commie women are? They seem so bitter and unhappy. I wonder why?”

    …I’ve posed this question before, and genuinely do not know the answer. Does intense Communist indoctrination make these women so crazy they drive all the males away so they get bitter, stop taking care of themselves, and lick other ugly women’s genitals in frustration, or are these women born physically and spiritually ugly and so turn to Communism as only the full power of the State can tear pretty women down to THEIR level, create new “beauty” standards by propagandist fiat (cf. “Michelle” Obama) and maybe even they hope the State will eventually FORCE a man to marry them?

    …not sure…chicken, egg, chicken, egg…

  11. Moslems did not order algebra. That is a BIG LIE. The moslem who was their math hero simply bragged about LEARNING and UNDERSTANDING algebra. So it went from the moslem UNDERSTANDING algebra to having created it – or at least the 0, which is also a lie. They have appropriated someone else’s achievement, as usual.

  12. Also, these commie professors who are saying that spelling and math are racist – isn’t it racist for trying to discourage people from learning and pursuing their highest potential so they can succeed in society? Basically saying that black people are too stupid to be expected to learn and strive. These so-called “professors” have no business teaching anything.

  13. Gladys AUGUST 11, 2020 AT 8:55 AM

    ‘Moslems did not order algebra. That is a BIG LIE.”

    …again, yes, “I” know that, I’m just pointing out that it’s a centerpiece lie that Liberals tell and that THIS woman MUST accept it, so it makes her racist by Alinsky standards of having to follow her own rules…

  14. Math has been screwed up ever since the new math was promoted in the mid 60’s. Listen to Tom Lehrer’s parody song about the New Math, it’s just as funny and relevant now as it was back in the early to mid 60’s. 2 + 2 always eauals 4, if you have 2 items and you add another 2 items to it you will always have 4. Who are you going to believe, your eyes or some lesbian math teacher with a radical agenda.

  15. …but you also have to understand this in the context of one of the most destructive ideas that “Obama” ever had codified into law, the poisonous concept of “Disparte Impact”.

    This wrong-headed and demonstrably false theory holds that, ANY time a minority group is affected by anything disproportinate to it’s percentage of the population, then the thing affecting them is INHERENTLY racist because, if it were NOT racist, every race would be affected in proportion to their population. They use it for EVERYTHING from hiring to college to prision numbers. It’s pretty pervasive, and ALWAYS punishes White people.

    Yes, he DID that.

    And WE’RE still living with it.

    …this ignores all of human history, individual desire to learn that some groups have been poisoned by Democrats to think of as “Acting White”, fatherless households that were created by Democrats to destroy the Black family…

    …ALL of this, and SO much more, is ignored. Everything HAS to be proportional, because human skills and flaws are EXACTLY distributed the same in ALL races COMPLETLEY exclusive of outside influences…/s

    …so, by THIS thinking, if you accept the 13% of population theory, then if 14% of Black children fail Math, then Math is inherently racist and must be BANNED as such.

    …yes, that’s what we’re UP against. Democrats trying to AGAIN tear down their slaves by making their SLAVES think they are oppressed, and doing the dirty work FOR them.

    …They’re doing it in ALL education, history, reading, etc., and all for the same purpose.

    To divide and conquer.

    …working pretty well, too, from what I can see if I turn on the TV…

  16. What she is really saying is that white Supremacists invented the standard of female beauty and she isn’t one of them so she wants to change the equation to match her ugly butt face and end!


    And, not to be outdone…

    So, let’s recap. “Science is racist.” Liberal Legislator says “we need to stop teaching history” because, history is racist. And the cherry on top of the intersectional turd flavored milkshake. “2+2=4 reeks of white supremacy and patriarchy.”

    It’s almost like there’s cabal of people on the left who wants a permanent underclass who are ignorant and perpetually outraged.

    Nah, that’s just a crazy conspiracy theory.


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