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Math Major Makes a Killing Off of Bed Bath and Beyond

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In a late Wednesday article published on the FT which at first (and second, and third) read comes across as a cross between absurdist satire and a PR puff piece, we read the day’s feel-good “riches to riches” story in which a 20-year-old university student, Jake Freeman, who is an applied mathematics and economics major at the University of Southern California, managed to accumulate 6.2% of the entire outstanding stock of Bed Bath & Beyond at under $5.50 share (did we mention he is a 20-year-old university student) amounting to $27 million, which he announced in an activist 13-G letter to BBBY Management on July 21, 2022, and less than a month later sold out of his entire stake – thanks to the insane gamma squeeze in the stock – not through some prime broker but through his TD Ameritrade and Interactive Brokers accounts, making $110 million in the process! More

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  1. …they kind of yadda yaddaed that whole “found a man under her (then 4 yo) son’s bed 10 years ago” thing.

    Let’s hear more about THAT.

  2. “And I’m working on a roof like a privileged JACKASS HVACin it!”

    Bru, don’t feel like the lone ranger, I’ve got about 65 hours in this week in a machine shop. Which usually I’m fine with, But it’s been 105 to 107 here all week and after the temp gets past 100 our aircon says ah screw it. Maybe you can swing by and take a look at it.

  3. Brad,

    If I was anywhere near you I would diagnose it for Free & let you know what you really needed to maintain your machine shop’s STP (so your measurements would be to spec) & explain to you the following:

    “There are fuck all repair parts in stock.”
    “There are no NEW machines available regardless of what EXTRA you want to pay.”
    “The OLD Shit works better than the NEW shit.”


    Keep the units Clean & change the filters.
    Wash them to reduce their stress.
    “They voted for this shit”
    (not the 10% that was stolen, but the 40% who actually are Democraps)

    Keep working out Friend.

    I rode my Mountain bike like a Bastage today and only turned in my 2nd best time on my loops. I thought i would beat my last best.

    Cheers with whatever you drink!

  4. I’m not saying they didn’t make a profit.

    But putting US$27 million in the pot, to collect US$110 million, is not a killing.

    (Especially when you’ve got to split it between people that can pool US$27 million.)

  5. Kcir

    I’m kind of in the middle of a comeback. My leg routines back to about 45 minutes. It’s taking me two days to recover. My ass is dragging today. (day 2) I think I’m getting old.

  6. Brad,

    I feel worse on Day 2 than 1 day after.
    And yet if i rest 2 days I’m sluggish.

    We’re 2 Donkeys make for working & never resting.

    Sundays are` actually my lowest energy days if i don’t force myself to move.

  7. Kcir

    You are probably already doing this, but just in case. Pound the Whey Protein. The older you get, the more you need. It makes a HUGE difference in my recovery time. Keep moving brother. Age is a meaningless number.

  8. PS
    If you are on Instagram a good follow is, Big Strong Fast. A lot LOT of good info fur ahhhh, aged athletes. Dude started out as a Powerlifter/Body Builder. He’s on Youtube too. You could spend all night listening to his transformation from a 290 LB weight lifter to, well, Big Strong Fast.

  9. He’s a math major. MUCH smarter than the vast majority of people. A smart guy who used the system to make money. But since he’s not part of the corrupt political left odds are the IRS will be roasting him very very soon.


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