Matt Bevin(R) Concedes in Kentucky Governor’s Race

FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) — Republican Gov. Matt Bevin says he will not contest results showing Democrat Andy Beshear winning the Kentucky governor’s race.

Bevin made the dramatic announcement Thursday at the state Capitol on the same day election officials across Kentucky double-checked vote totals.

Last week’s election results showed Bevin trailing Beshear by more than 5,000 votes of more than 1.4 million cast, for a lead of less than 0.4 percentage points.

3 Comments on Matt Bevin(R) Concedes in Kentucky Governor’s Race

  1. Republicans had better get a handle on democRAT voter fraud and put some real teeth into enforcement cuz there’s (to use a technical term) a real shit-load of it headed our way next year!!

  2. …Republicans own the rest of the Govenment in KY. This was only because people hated Bevin personally, not that they’re Democrat. Beshear WILL do a fuckton of damage, like he did before, but won’t be able to destroy as much as he WANTS to because the REST of KY will limit him.

    …and the teachers money will implode even FASTER now, since Democrat priorites NEVER help ANYONE. He’ll spend up all the money on some Global Warming Transgender Muslim Free Housing initiative, and the teachers will get even LESS.

    ….Nice job screwing yourselves there, teachers. Enjoy your poverty, you’ve EARNED it…


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