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Matt Damon is pilloried for speaking truth about blacks and gays

NYPost: Late summer and early fall clearly aren’t Matt Damon’s seasons. How else to describe the actor-producer’s two-pronged tussle with the thought police over his recent comments about diversity and sexuality within the entertainment industry.

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Two weeks ago Damon was forced to apologize after repeatedly interrupting black female producer Effie Brown during a heated discussion on diversity in cinema on his television show “Project Greenlight.”
And this week Damon has come under fire for supposedly discouraging gay actors from coming out of the closet.

As in most cases where media and minority status collide, the truth is far more complex. As he explained on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” today, Damon wasn’t telling gay actors to hide their sexuality, but merely suggesting that a bit of Tinseltown mystique can actually boost a talent’s appeal and longevity. “I was just trying to say actors are more effective when they’re a mystery,” he says.  more here

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  1. He wuz interrupting a black female producer !
    Oooooooohhhhhh, now thar’s a cardinal sin!!!

    Homosexuals are less than 2% of the population and transgenders a tiny slice of that, yet it seems there isn’t a day that goes by anymore that we aren’t slapped with this perverted news of the weird like it’s some kind of new normal. Frankly I’m sick of it and the whole Victim-Grievance Industry! It needs to be confronted, not pandered to.

  2. Damon has been a useful idiot for the left for many years. Maybe he’ll wise up and become a megaphone for truth or maybe he’ll be cowed into submission. Anyone want to bet?

  3. Unomac. 2 percent???? I’d say 60 percent of the entertainment and news industry, 10 percent of the Military, 20 percent of the government.

    Now I got those figures the scientific way, like all other figures we are getting: Unemployment, global warming, climate change; the improving economy , the success of Planned Parenthood, Common Core, an so on: I PULLED THEM OUT OF MY ASS.
    So there!

  4. I hate this comment system. No way to delete. No way to edit. Can’t tell if you’re log in or not. Is there any good reason we can’t get Discus in here?

  5. Damon is right tho.

    Lets say that someone like me likes a particular male actor. Lets say I like the characters he plays, I like the way he acts, enjoy his work, the shows and/or movies he is in are ones I like.

    If that male actor happens to be a fudge packer, and I find out about it, that ruins it for me.

    I don’t need to know where that actor puts his wang.

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