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Matt Gaetz Defends His Reputation On Tucker Against DOJ Leak To NYT

Red State

Last night, amidst a slew of far more important stories, The New York Times sought to change the narrative from the disaster at the border by leaking about a supposed investigation involving Rep. Matt Gaetz. The report was based on anonymous sources giving very vague information about what might or might not be going on.

RedState covered this initially last night, and if Gaetz actually did something wrong, he should be held accountable.

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) has been the subject of an inquiry by the US Department of Justice into whether he had a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old girl and paid for her to travel with him. Three people who had been briefed on the matter told the New York Times that investigators are examining whether Gaetz violated federal sex trafficking laws, the people said.

For his part, Gaetz denies the claims. He went on Tucker Carlson’s show last night and named a person he alleges is trying to extort him. Later, RedState confirmed that Gaetz was telling the truth about his father wearing a wire for the FBI to investigate the matter. Where that leaves us is anyone’s guess. Gaetz is certainly a character, and his defense is a bit convoluted, but the fact that this was leaked via “three people briefed” is yet another black-eye for the FBI. More

The Gaetz appearance on Tucker covered at CTH. Here

17 Comments on Matt Gaetz Defends His Reputation On Tucker Against DOJ Leak To NYT

  1. This is complete bullshit. This is the some creepy scammer fighting back using the fbi and using the media to mess with Gaetz because he’s been extremely loud about the border (human trafficking) and talking shit about the election, talking about DHS reform, about biden’s mental problems, and calling out the shitty dem bills.

    They’re going to go after Cruz and the other senators who showed up at the border.
    Notice they already tried to trash Greene, Boebert, and Hawley already.
    Just going down a list. That’s all.

  2. WHAT!!
    No pictures of Russian whores urinating on the bed???
    They’re really slipping…

  3. That being said, I’m not a fan on his positions on environment and guns.
    He’s not a rager about them, but gotta keep your eye on him and that little Rick Scott fella.

  4. Accusations of sexual crimes don’t have to be true to destroy someone, they do it all by themselves without needing to be.

    So, true or not? And will it ever actually be proven one way or another?

    (FWIW, there should be travel records that would either confirm or deny the possible validity of these charges, unless the time it allegedly took place is too vague to make them meaningful.)

  5. “…..amidst a slew of far more important stories….” Nothing is more important than how our government and press has declared war on the truth!@!!!!

  6. If you can’t find proof of anything bad about the guy, just make it up!
    The media will buy it.
    See Kavanaugh, et al.

  7. lawsuit sue suey suit, and pose for instagram with the check in your hand!

  8. The doj and fbi are corrupt as hell.
    You have to be a liar and a cheat to be promoted in that organization. With extra points for engaging in criminal behavior.

  9. Squirrel!!
    The Dirty Dems sure have a limited dirty tricks playbook.
    Sex stories and racist claims. That’s about it.
    Seems to happen when important things are happening that will make them look bad.

    Border news is getting out. The fact that Obiden is hiking taxes of every kind.
    Pedo Joe’s continuing slide down the dementia hole.
    Kommiela’s cackling instead of real answers.
    A new story about Hunter.

    No imagination on that side of the aisle.

  10. Matt is a brave, honest, smart conservative. THE UNIPARTY HAS HATED CONSERVaTIVES FOR 32 YEARS! They hate Matt as they hated Don and Ronny. Ronny was very popular so they feared him. But as Gore pointed out in the VP debates 25 years ago they (Booner, Bush, Arlen the Snarling, McC, …) fear Ronny’s voters. With very good reason! Dick voted against tax reform in ’86 and was out in ’88! Liz for they young is Dick’s!

  11. Isn’t Gaetz coming out about CBP having NGO’s processing illegals?

  12. It wouldn’t surprise me if the leak to the NYT was to salvage their attempt to take down Gaetz through legal means. That or they were trying to set him up to take a fall along with family members for attempting to cover up a sex scandal.

    I can’t put either past the DOJ/FBI/DNC.

  13. I like Tucker and he eviscerates the left on a daily basis.
    That said, he was treating Gaetz like a lying SOB.
    Tucker said it was a weird interview but that was all on him!
    Don’t be a dick, Tucker!

  14. The FBI leaks this slanderous bullshit but clamps down on leaks about Democrats (see: Hunter Biden*)


    * If the computer shop owner hadn’t copied the Hunter Biden hard drive the FBI would have completely stifled that whole story

  15. Meanwhile, we KNOW that Eric Swallowell was banging a Chinese spy for years, and getting her a job where she had access to congressional computers, and nothing but crickets from the NYT and the rest of the media. And don’t get me started on Hunter Biden.

  16. Tucker said he didn’t remember having dinner with Matt. I don’t believe him. Tucker seemed very odd in that interview.

  17. @FarmWife-I could be wrong, but I thought I heard Tucker say that he did not recall the woman who was with Gaetz at dinner.


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