Matt Gaetz Destroys “Nonpartisan Investigator” Spin

Gaetz had display behind him showing that Goldman believed there was a Trump PEE VIDEOTAPE –

4 Comments on Matt Gaetz Destroys “Nonpartisan Investigator” Spin

  1. Matt Gaetz made another great point about the Dollar and Oil Money. Watch the Tucker Carlson interview tonight.
    Only add one thing to his final point.

    America does not own the U.S. Dollar.
    A Corporation does.

    America’s only cut is the Interest and Fees.

  2. Mr. Goldman seemed to avoid answering questions and generally responded with non-answers and subject changes to the asked questions.

  3. Matt Gaetz has been one of the outstanding Republican Congressmen during all of his appearances on these Shampeachment Hearings. He made Goldman look like he was the recipient of a golden shower. Goldman is truly the Pee Pee Man thanks to Matt Gaetz’s questioning today.


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