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Matt Gaetz Formally Complains About McCarthy “Squatting” in the Speaker’s Office

Yesterday, the UK Mail noted that Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) had moved into the office reserved for the speaker of the house over the Christmas break. Squat

Matt Gaetz (R-FL) sent a letter complaining of the situation to the Architect of the Capitol, Brett Blanton requesting details on why the person coming in 2nd on three (now four) separate votes was allowed to occupy the prestigious space. Demands

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  1. I am caustically optimistic that McCarthy will win the speaker’s position with votes from the “squad” putting him over the top.

    BTW I love the resistance being shown to stop “busiest as usual.”

  2. Why is he squatting in that oriface?
    Because it’s HIS TURN. (h/t Hellary)
    Because (he thinks) he deserves to be there.

    Is it time to give him a lesson in democracy, and the democratic process?

  3. That is business not busiest

    And I am also caustically optimistic that America will become GREAT again in 2023.

    I nearby nominate Donald J. Trump for Speaker for the 117 th House.

  4. The Obsolete Man
    There’s a video of AOC and Gaetz talking strategy together today. I’m not kidding. AOC is the lone Dem that voted against the Omnibus. Go figure.


  5. If you suck at governing you might as well excel in entertaining.

    I really don’t know what is going to happen. Some folks donning the imprimatur of “smart” are saying that Kevin can’t win and should bow out. I’m just enjoying the ride no matter the outcome.

  6. Even in McCathy does finally win, hopefully the elite will have gotten the message that we are mad as hell and aren’t going to take it much longer, if anymore.

  7. kev deserves his trouble. Had he kept his word and kicked the 2 former “Bush Republicans” out of the party 18 months ago I’d back him. But he lied! The 2 leftists were still “Bush Republicans” when they left office!

    Today the leftists are just loud mouthed progressive “citizens”. Adam and Liz.

    But Kev has no integrity. Would at least be as bad as P. Ryan; maybe (not likely) worse!

  8. I keep hearing the crying school girls(actually most I hear crying online, in the media and even some who are sending me messages are male, but they’re crying like school girls), that this is embarrassing, they need to just vote for McCarthy and get on with the business of running this country. I keep telling those who are messaging me that even if I didn’t agree 110% with the conservatives and so far am loving my new congressman that what is the big deal about not getting back to business? I’ve yet to see any investigation do a damn thing, we already know the truth, and with no speaker, no spending money we don’t have to spend, no being stabbed in the back by RINOS, this is almost as good as shutting down the government.

  9. It’s a Democrat trick, same one Hobbs is doing in AZ and Pedo is doing in DC. Occupy something you have no right to like it’s yours, and dare people to do something about it; and if the courts say anything, insist that it’s moot because you’re already there and challenging it NOW is a threat to Muh Democraci.

    …of course, this works for Democrats because they will simply have unarmed protesters gunned down in cold blood and have the FBI track down anyone who scatters and imprison them forever without trial.

    Not sure they’ll extend McCarthy the same courtesy.

    …no honor among thieves, you know.

    Or traitors.

    …Ask Arlen Specter for further details…

  10. IMO, McCarthy has been groomed for the speakership in a whole slew of ways. I believe that he is beholden to a lot of extremely powerful people. People who can have cameras turned off when needed. People who can get away with murder when necessary. People who need someone that they can manipulate on the same level as Biden is being manipulated. People who you dare not say no to.

    He needs to withdraw but in doing so, he puts a huge target on his back and he damn well knows it. Tough shit bucko.

    That Trump was and still is endorsing him is disturbing. It doesn’t sit well with me.

    Read about the offer Boebert and two colleagues of hers made to McCarthy that he turned down at TGP. He’s in bed with the worst of the worse. He’s from fuckin’ California. We just got rid of a speaker from California.

    I’d rather see the House burn to the ground than put McCarthy in place. This is the hill to die on. McCarthy as speaker means status quo.

  11. It’s pretty sad that only 20 Republicans are for a secure border, term limits, balanced budget, actually reading bills and debating bills before they’re voted on. BTW that’s just to bring a bill for a secure border, term limits and balanced budget to the floor for a vote.

    Instead they want to threaten anyone who votes against McCarthy with no committee assignments, no Republican money for elections and will primary them and that they will work with democrats to get their man installed.

  12. mystaclean, I totally agree and Trump best wake up and smell the coffee, he’s not MAGA, he was just who voters put in charge to lead it. We don’t want business as usual, we don’t want death jabs, we don’t think killing people is great and we are proudly pro-life.

  13. Some of you TDS got it but bad.

    You sure can read the signs and are posting some carzy talk.

    They are disinfoing Trump in the narrative.
    Lots of sneaky goings on.
    Don’t believe all you see on TV.

    PS: Look how dejected CNN and msNBC and the FOX TDS purveyors look right at this very moment.

    That is a huge waving red flag for Commen Sense Human Detectives

  14. Illiterates Readings, I’m assuming you’re saying I have Trump Derangement Syndrome and that I listen to the media. I don’t watch tv and I sure as hell wouldn’t watch cable news if I did.

    I can read and hear though. I’ve lost count of the number of times Trump has praised the death jab and patted himself on the back for fast tracking something that is killing people. I can read what he writes when he goes off on pro-life and claiming that cost the election. His attacks would be aimed at my state for one, which now it’s illegal to get an abortion for any reason other than the life of the mother.
    I can also read him endorse McCarthy and tell conservatives to vote for him because he will do a good job and instead fight against McConnell and his wife. Yeah, we all agree to fight McConnell as well and we didn’t endorse him and we sure as hell didn’t give his wife a job.
    I excused Trump at the time for endorsing him and I excused him giving his wife a job, but don’t pretend now like conservatives don’t know who to fight, especially when you didn’t fight him.

    I never had TDS, voted for him 4 times, defended him to all of 2A friends who were ready to never vote for him again after the bump stock ban and his words on red flag laws, know the election was stolen, but I don’t have much use for the crap Trump sells now.

  15. ^ “I don’t have much use for the crap Trump sells now.”

    I’ve stopped tracking what he’s selling.

    I’ll put this question out there: Since the FED will instigate digital currency whether Congress approves or not, do you think Donald Trump has the balls to stop them?

    I don’t.

  16. Hey, c’mon back in to YOUR Capitol, make your voice heard.

    It’ll be different this time, I promise.

  17. Here’s what Boebert offered McCarthy. This is from TGP.

    “I have been working for months behind the scenes to create unity,” Boebert told “Special Report” host Bret Baier. “Just last night two colleagues and myself walked into Kevin McCarthy’s office and presented him a very common sense proposal, a deal that got him 218 votes, the gavel on the first ballot and he smugly rejected that.”

    “McCarthy failed to garner the 218 votes needed to become speaker in three ballots Tuesday, receiving 203 votes in the first two ballots, before Republican Rep. Byron Donalds of Florida switched his vote to Republican Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio on the third ballot, leaving the California Republican with 202. Democratic Rep. Hakeem Jeffries of New York secured 212 votes from Democrats in all three ballots.”

    “It was very common-sense things like putting forward a border security bill. Putting forward a term limits bill. Having a measure in place where any member of Congress who offers an amendment to reduce the federal debt, well, that’s made in order,” Boebert continued.”

    “Boebert disputed claims from other Republicans that the opposition to McCarthy was “petty.”

    “I don’t think a secure border is petty. I don’t think a term limits bill being brought to the floor, not demanding to pass, but brought to the floor so we actually have an option to vote on that is petty,” Boebert said, adding that McCarthy failed to demonstrate a commitment to securing the border or balancing the federal budget.”

    “We asked for the Republican Study Committee’s budget be put forward. This is a budget that balances in seven years, and Kevin McCarthy told us no,” Boebert claimed.”

    McCarthy is big government. At this moment in time, he’s the personification of the swamp.

  18. “Why is he squatting in that oriface?
    Because it’s HIS TURN. (h/t Hellary)
    Because (he thinks) he deserves to be there.”

    I was thinking earlier today that this entire thing reminds me of an episode of The Crown. (Yes, I watched the first season but haven’t watched anymore.) Anyway, when her father died and Queen Elizabeth became monarch she was under the impression that she got to choose her own personal secretary. Uh, no, she found out real fast that it’s literally a matter of the “next in line” within The Firm, i.e. the bureaucracy that runs the palace and her life.

    I mean, seriously, isn’t that what we are witnessing here? Yeah, I know that there is supposed to be wheeling and dealing behind the scenes but a lot of people are acting as if it’s already been decided and some people are just blocking the inevitable. The question I still have yet to hear answered is if the process is happening now to make that decision then just how was IT decided? Before now, I mean.

  19. They fixed the count
    Stopped some Voters and Played Time Tricks

    Will McCarthy sleep in his Office?
    Which One?

    Tune In Tomorrow**

    **Time Zones Apply

    Seen Here First

  20. 2024 is a long way away. I’d stop eliminating Trump for now. Or any candidate for that matter. It’s foolish this early on.

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