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Matt Gaetz Rips McCarthy’s ‘Commitment To America’ Agenda

Daily Caller:

Republican Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz slammed House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s “Commitment to America” agenda in an exclusive interview with the Daily Caller on Friday, focusing specifically on one bullet point that suggests the GOP should subsidize the hiring of 200,000 new police officers through recruitment bonuses.

McCarthy presented his “Commitment to America” agenda to the House GOP conference on Thursday, laying out a series of priorities for Republicans to pursue if they retake the House in 2022.

“So if you see, like, the third bullet point in whatever this is suggests that the federal government needs to fund incentives for 200,000 new law enforcement. I do not believe in the federal government being excessively entangled in state and local law enforcement. It is not practical,” Gaetz told the Caller.

Gaetz also suggested that McCarthy may have gotten the idea from ex-GOP pollster and communications consultant Frank Luntz, noting that McCarthy rented a room in Washington, D.C., from Luntz and called him his “roommate.” read more

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  1. States don’t need a federal law enforcement “SS” group embedded within each state, that will in anyway be answering to the federal governments instructions at its will and/or its control or call.

  2. McCarthy serves the same purpose McConnell does and Pence did.

    They are there to ensure the controlled opposition is more controlled and less opposition.

    The names may change in November, but nothing else will.

    A “Republican win” simply gives Dems someone to blame everything on as pointless investigations are carefully steered away from the truth.

  3. While acknowledging that we need more police, why is it the federal government’s responsibility to fund it? When police were defunded and the force levels dropped off it has always bugged me that no one ever asked where’s the money going? After all, nobody’s taxes went down, so these cities turned into the Roach Motel for tax money! The revenue comes in, but it doesn’t go out.

    An adequate police force used to be funded locally before, why not now?
    I suspect that these cities were suddenly flush with money and found ways to squander it!
    Now these new “expenses” are cast in concrete and they don’t want to give all that up!
    That needs to change! An injection of Federal money would only reward bad actors!

  4. every bit of this is the same tired shit they’ve been throwing to us since i’ve been paying attention to politics. trump tried his damndest to deliver EVERYTHING they’ve been promising for decades and they FUCKED him. he PROVED beyond a shadow of a doubt that every bit of what politicians promise is BULLSHIT. guess what! they have N E V E R had any intention of solving any of your piddly ass little problems. all they care about is getting rich before you catch on. rinos make me sick. they’re WORSE than dimocrats. at least dimocrats are halfway honest about what they want. and fuck joe biden too

  5. TRF SEPTEMBER 24, 2022 AT 9:45 AM CONTINUED –

    After all, if Florida can do it without federal funding, so can
    New York City.
    Washington, D.C.
    Los Angeles.
    San Francisco.

  6. Great. McCarthy is possibly worse than Paul Ryan as Speaker; certainly as bad as McConnell. If everything goes well for MAGA candidates, it’ll still be years before any of them are in a position to take over GOP leadership in Congress.

  7. See I told you he can do more than diddle underage girls. A pure example of the current worthless GOP. Kid diddlers the whole lot of them.

  8. McCarthy is trying to neutralize and circumvent Trump and the MAGA movement BEFORE the elections.
    He ain’t fooling THIS MAGA!
    I noticed MTG in the background. Looks like she was more than a little uncomfortable with McCarthys uninspiring, second rate rip off of Newts Contract with America.
    McCarthy will NEVER be MAGA.
    He is another Mike Pence!

  9. Men over a certain age don’t have roommates, especially if they’re over 40. McCarthy and Luntz are lovers.

    That’s right, McCarthy is gay. McConnell is gay. Paul Ryan is gay. John Boehner is gay. Dennis Hastert is gay. That’s why they’re so easily controlled.

  10. There was absolutely nothing wrong with President Trump’s commitment to America. I don’t trust anyone that tries to change that.

  11. I don’t know about you, but the last time I got a donation request from the RNC I returned it with a GREAT BIG FUCK YOU. You know what? That’s the last one I got.

  12. aleon, that’s exactly what I do with their envelopes they bombard me with beseeching me for money like the shameless panhandlers they are ! I got a letter from Mike Pence asking me for money about 6 months ago , I whipped out the Sharpie and wrote in Yuuge black letters my reply to him , I left no room for uncertainty, not one letter since 😂

  13. It was the Democrat-controlled cities and states that led the defunding of the police. Now the GOP in Congress wants to help them out by spending our few remaining tax dollars to give those idiots money to make up for their screw-ups. Typical big government GOP and their obvious motto – “we won’t flush the country down the toilet as fast as the Democrats”.

  14. Kev is , and always has been, a “Bush Republican”. “Bush Republicans” have no morals. e.g. Kev said 16 months ago any Ronny haters joining the conservative inquisition aka “J6 ” would be expelled. 2 Ronny haters joined 15 months ago. BOTH ARE LISTED AS “R” TODAY 9/24/22! Kev lied; as do all “Bush Republicans”.

    had Kev any integrity he’d admit he is a “Dem”; but no Bush Republican has any integrity! As Adam and Liz prove!

  15. SCUMBAG McCarthy and the RNC spent $5 Million to defeat Joe Kent as his primary wound up. Fucking mother fuckers

    This is the kind of shit literally HALF+ of this country has to deal with. McCarthy and the walking bag of dicks that control the Rs in the House want a Beutler, who voted to impeach DJT. Some one like Joe or MTG or Laura Loomer is like sunlight to a vampire.

    I heard Jim Banks roll out the “Commitment to America” Horseshit from start to finish.

    It makes me sick.

  16. How long has McCarthy been in congress? Well, that’s too long.

    I credit Trump for exposing these bottom feeders & their corruption.

  17. “Contract with America” back in the 90’s was the same load of horseshit this is going to be.
    When all else fails, which it does, refer to the ORIGINAL “Contract with America”.
    You know, the one you took an oath but have no respect for, called “The Constitution”.

  18. @MMinWA September 24, 2022 at 8:10 pm

    > It makes me sick.

    Sick enough to stop whining when some “mostly peaceful” BLMer puts them in the ground? Yeah…

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