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Matt Maher

Someone sent this to me and said “I hope you listen to it.”

I did, over and over.

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  1. Sometimes in this world of darkness it is easy to forget………He’s alive, and because he lives, there is hope. Eternal, beautiful, hope. May the name of Jesus Christ be forever praised.

  2. Fewer and fewer people believe that these days, but those of us who do need to hold fast to Christ and not give up the hope that we have inHim.

  3. Absolutely beautiful and powerful, Thanks so much

    In these darks days that is the rock on which I stand-Because he lives I can face tomorrow!

  4. We focused on Isaiah 40 today in our Bible study class which highlights God’s greatness. It is good to stop, look up and consider the wonderful God whom we serve. Amen! Thanks for the post!

  5. Of course you listened to it “over and over”. There’s no pause or stop button. What kind of vid player is That? Yeesh.

  6. Matt Maher has lots and lots to choose from. Can get you through some rough spots, lift you up. Love him!!!

  7. For the first time, I’ve bookmarked a song. It’s a mighty discouraging world, these days, for a thousand reasons; half we all know, half are personal. When all seems forfeit, this helps. Thanks for sharing, ‘Fur. God knows I need it.

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