Matt Walsh Breaks Down His Appearance on Dr. Phil

Daily Wire

Daily Wire podcast host and author Matt Walsh recently appeared on an episode of “Dr. Phil,” where the conservative battled leftist gender ideology.

“My Dr. Phil episode airs on Wednesday,” Walsh announced Monday, captioning a promotional video for the episode.

“Yes I did ask the non-binary diversity consultant to define the word woman,” Walsh wrote. “Tune in to find out if I got an answer (I didn’t).” More

Watch Matt explain his debating approach. Here

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  1. He gets an A- performance on the subject and an A+ on the heavily-edited and often ridiculous Dr. Phil show as the designated person to be hated on.

    Next time he needs to point out that people simply don’t have “genders”.

    Gender is a linguistic construct that refers to the acyual sex of a subject or object, and also (different languages vary) may assign masculine (male-like), feminine (female-like), or neuter (sex-neutral) traits to things under discussion that don’t have a sex.


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